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Trills (and related entries)


Arjin (Geoffrey Blake) Yolad Belar (Harvey Vernon) Council Dax symbiont
A limited timeline of the Dax symbiont
2018 Dax symbiont is born (date from "You Are Cordially Invited").
2229 A Dax host (probably either Tobin or Emony) begins trying to master the Altonian brain teaser. 140 years later, Jadzia is still working on it (date from "A Man Alone").
2240's Emony is the host (she meets Leonard McCoy as a med student). Presumably this is relatively late in her life, since Audrid seemingly had at least 3 decades as host (she was alive when her daughter Neema was in her 20's). ("Trials and Tribble-ations")
2280-85 Audrid Dax dies (based on Dax's statement in "Babel" that she hadn't been female for "over 80 years"). Torias is joined.
2285 Torias Dax dies (date from "Equilibrium").
2285-86 Joran is joined for six months ("Equilibrium").
2286 Curzon is joined ("Equilibrium").
2367 Jadzia is joined ("Dax").
2370 Verad steals the Dax symbiont and is joined to it for a brief period, but the symbiont is returned to Jadzia ("Invasive Procedures").
2374 At the end of the year, Jadzia dies; the Dax symbiont is saved. Ezri is joined. ("Tears of the Prophets", "Shadows and Symbols")
Audrid Dax Curzon Dax (played in an orb flashback in "Emissary" by Frank Owen Smith) Emony Dax Ezri Dax -- See under Regular Characters.

Jadzia Dax -- See under Regular Characters.

Joran Dax (Jeff Magnus McBride, Leigh J. McCloskey [pictured])

Lela Dax Tobin Dax Torias Dax field docent Gran Guardian (Jefrey Alan Chandler) Guardians Hoobishan Baths host Initiate Corps Jobel joining Kahn symbiont Dr. Lenara Kahn (Susanna Thompson) Nilani Kahn Kela Malko Neema Dr. Bejal Otner (Tim Ryan) Minister Selin Peers (Richard Lineback) Dr. Hanor Pren (James Noah) Raifi reassociation Dr. Renhol (Lisa Banes) Rite of Emergence symbiont Symbiosis Commission Symbiosis Evaluation Board Janel Tigan (Mikael Salazar) Norvo Tigan (Kevin Rahm) Yanas Tigan (Leigh Taylor-Young) Timor (Nicholas Cascone) Dr. Torvin Trill Science Ministry Verad (John Glover) zhian'tara

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