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Scientific Terms

Section 2: Technological Devices and Effects

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anodyne capacitor anodyne circuit antimatter converter aphasia device artificial wormhole arva nodes beta matrix compositor biospectral phase discriminator bipolar torch Breen CRM-114 cadderon forcefields cascade virus causal orb cellular regeneration and entertainment chamber CFI replicators chroniton array chroniton generator Class 3 probe Class M warp drive cobalt thorium devices coil spanner comm booth compressed tetryon beam weapon core memory interface co-variant oscillator cytoplasmic separator dampening field data crystal data port Delgorian lock desealing rod deuterium injector diboridium core differential magnetometer dualitic inverter duonetic field EJ7 interlock ejection system emergency hand actuator Emergency Medical Hologram emulator module energy dissipators EPI capacitor EPS exographic targeting scanner Ferengi eavesdropping device field generator flow regulator flux coupler graviton emitters graviton stabilizer gravity net holocam holocommunicator holofilter homing transponder Houdinis hunter probe imager implosive protomatter device impulse flow regulators impulse sustainer induction modulator inertial damping generators interphasic coil spanner interphasic compensator isolinear coprocessor isolinear interface isolinear rods "jack-in-the-box" laser cutter laser-induced fusion liquid data chains locator bomb Longterm Medical Hologram magneton relay matter-energy conversion matrix micro-containment field microlathe microscopic generator microtransporter miniature gravometric scanner MK-12 scanner modified polaron emitters multidimensional transporter device multitargeting phaser banks multitronic engramatic interpreter mutual induction field neodynium power cell neural depolarizing device neutrino inverters ODN ODN recoupler optolythic data rod orbital weapon platforms particle accelerators pattern enhancers pattern scramblers phase inverter phase matrix recalibrator phase transition inhibitor pheromonic sensor plasma conduit plasma torpedoes power cells from Defiant's phaser array power converters power coupling projection matrix protein decompiler protomatter device Pulsatel lockseal pulse cannon pulse compression wave pulse mines pulse wave torpedo quantum duplicate quantum flux regulator quantum torpedoes ramscoop reactive ion impeller recalibration sweep regenerative phasers remat detonator restraining field reverse-ratcheting router planers Romulan memory scanner "root canal" saber saw security bypass module security program seismic regulators self-sealing stem bolts ship-mounted high-energy disruptors sizing scanner soil reclamators spiking stasis chamber structural integrity field grids subdermal communicator sub-impulse phase coil inverters subspace flux isolator subspace modulator subspace relay subspace shunt subspace transponder system 5 disruptor tachyon detection grid tachyon scanner Tallonian microscanner targeting scanners telekinetic suppressor termination implant tetryon compositor thalmerite device time portal tooth sharpener TR-116 rifle tripartite microsealing mechanism ultrasonic generator universal translator uplink vacuum chamber weather grid

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