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Some of the 285 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
(canon and non-canon)

(TFROA: the book The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, by Ira Steven Behr)

Rules quoted onscreen (i.e., "canon"):

Three Rules stated onscreen without numbers: (in "False Profits" [VOY])

The "Unwritten Rule":

Unofficial Rules:

Zek's Revised Rules of Acquisition ("Prophet Motive"):

(All copies of Zek's revised Rules were destroyed.)

Non-canon Rules:

(These Rules come from both TNG & DS9 comic books and novels, or from Ira Steven Behr's book The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, herein abbreviated as TFROA. A few Rules have been listed with duplicate numbers. This is not a typo. Both of the two sources have the same number Rule. In each case, both Rules and sources have been listed. )

If you come across a non-canon Rule from a comic book or novel, please send it to me, since I don't read them anymore.

The Rules of Acquisition have 47 commentaries, 900 major and minor judgments, and 10,000 considered opinions.

In the TNG episode "Bloodlines", Riker mentions that the Ferengi government is debating an amendment to the Rules of Acquisition. (stardate 47829.1)

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