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Timelines of all regular characters can be found here.

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Name Actor Brief identification
Dr. Julian Bashir Siddig el Fadil (Alexander Siddig) Human; lt. j.g., later full lt.; chief medical officer
Ezri Dax Nicole deBoer Joined Trill; ensign, later lt.; station counselor (7th season)
Jadzia Dax Terry Farrell Joined Trill; lt., later lt. commander; science officer (1st through 6th seasons)
Kira Nerys Nana Visitor Bajoran; major, later colonel; second-in-command and liaison officer
Miles O'Brien Colm Meaney Human; chief petty officer; chief of operations (head engineer)
Odo Rene Auberjonois Changeling; security chief
Quark Armin Shimerman Ferengi; proprietor of Quark's Place
Benjamin Sisko Avery Brooks Human; commander, later captain; commanding officer
Jake Sisko Cirroc Lofton Human; son of Benjamin Sisko; became writer
Worf Michael Dorn Klingon; lt. commander; strategic operations officer (4th through 7th seasons)

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