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Played by: Jeffrey Combs
Species: Vorta
Position/occupation: Jem'Hadar field supervisor (4th); became advisor to Cardassia's leaders under the Dominion (5th through 8th)


A Vorta, who became the Dominion's chief representative in the Alpha Quadrant, as well as heading up the war effort against the Federation and its allies, and acting as liaison to the Female Changeling. (Five out of eight cloned incarnations of Weyoun were seen; for convenience, they are all included in this entry.)

Weyoun was first seen as his fourth clone, in "To the Death", when he was field supervisor of the group of Jem'Hadar led by Omet'iklan, who allied with the Defiant crew to destroy an Iconian gateway on Vandros IV. This Weyoun was killed after the raid, by Omet'iklan, for having questioned his loyalty to the Dominion.

The fifth Weyoun came to DS9 as Dukat's Dominion advisor in "Ties of Blood and Water". He returned to meet with Kai Winn regarding a non-aggression pact between Bajor and the Dominion in "In the Cards"; while there, Weyoun became suspicious of the activities of Jake and Nog, and detained them for a while until convinced they were innocent of plotting against the Dominion. Weyoun even showed some interest in Dr. Giger's cellular entertainment chamber.

Weyoun led the takeover of DS9, together with Dukat, in "Call to Arms", and stayed there until "Favor the Bold"/"Sacrifice of Angels", when, with Dukat, he supervised the Dominion/Cardassian forces during the battle with Starfleet. When the Dominion reinforcements failed to arrive through the wormhole, Weyoun evacuated to Cardassia along with the Female Changeling and the rest of their troops. After that, he was mainly concerned with directing the war effort from Cardassia, and keeping Damar in line.

Early in 2375, Weyoun 5 was killed in a suspicious transporter accident (probably arranged by Damar). Weyoun 6 replaced him, but was later deemed "defective" due to his unusual pacifist tendencies, and Weyoun 7 was then activated. However, Weyoun 6 refused to terminate himself as ordered, and in "Treachery, Faith and the Great River", he met with Odo, offering to give Dominion secrets to the Federation. On the way back to DS9, the two were pursued by Jem'Hadar, sent by Damar and Weyoun 7. When escape proved impossible, Weyoun 6 signaled his successor and finally triggered his termination implant. He died in Odo's arms, asking for and receiving his "god"'s blessing.

Weyoun 7 continued his predecessors' work, overseeing the effort to cure the Founders' disease ("Penumbra") and going with the Female Changeling and Damar to a rendezvous with the Dominion's new allies, the Breen ("'Til Death Do Us Part"). Then he was killed by Worf, who broke his neck when Weyoun incautiously taunted Ezri in their cell, in "Strange Bedfellows"; he was quickly replaced by Weyoun 8.

Weyoun 8 also served the Dominion, in the face of Damar's rebellion, until finally, in "What You Leave Behind", he was shot and killed by Garak when the Cardassian resistance captured Dominion headquarters. Since the Dominion Vorta cloning facility had been destroyed, he was the last of the Weyouns.

Appearances: (Weyoun #4): "To the Death"; (Weyoun #5): "Ties of Blood and Water", "In the Cards", "Call to Arms", "A Time to Stand", "Behind the Lines", "Favor the Bold", "Sacrifice of Angels", "Statistical Probabilities", "Waltz", "Far Beyond the Stars", "Inquisition", "In the Pale Moonlight", "Tears of the Prophets", "Image in the Sand", "Shadows and Symbols"; (Weyoun #6 and #7): "Treachery, Faith and the Great River"; (Weyoun #7): "Penumbra", "'Til Death Do Us Part", "Strange Bedfellows"; (Weyoun #8) "Strange Bedfellows", "The Changing Face of Evil", "Tacking Into the Wind", "The Dogs of War", "What You Leave Behind"