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Played by: Hana Hatae
Full name: Molly O'Brien
Species: Human (Japanese/Irish descent)
Birthplace or childhood home: The starship Enterprise; later DS9
Parents: Miles O'Brien (father); Keiko O'Brien (mother)
Sibling: Kirayoshi (younger brother)


The O'Briens' first child, a daughter. She was born in 2368 (but by 2370, she was 5, and in 2374, she was 8). Molly was born in the Enterprise-D's Ten-Forward lounge during a shipwide emergency ("Disaster" [TNG]), and was delivered by Worf. She moved to DS9 with her parents, and was taken along by her mother on the Janitza Mountains expedition on Bajor, which lasted for a year and a half. Molly then stayed on the station until being evacuated shortly before the Dominion invasion, and later returned.

In "Time's Orphan", Molly was on a family picnic on Golana when she fell into a time portal and re-emerged as a savage 18-year-old (see Molly O'Brien (Age 18) under Humans). She eventually returned to her family, restored to her proper age. A year later, Molly moved permanently back to Earth with her family, in "What You Leave Behind".

Other facts: Molly had a necklace which Kai Opaka gave her father to be given to her.

Appearances: "A Man Alone", "If Wishes Were Horses", "The Siege", "Whispers", "Fascination", "Accession", "Hard Time", "Body Parts", "The Assignment", "Time's Orphan", "What You Leave Behind"