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Played by: Jeffrey Combs
Full name: Brunt
Species: Ferengi
Position/occupation: FCA Liquidator
Rank/title: see above
Birthplace or childhood home: Ferenginar (presumably)
Family: none mentioned
Spouse(s) or love interest(s): none mentioned
Friends elsewhere: none mentioned
Hobbies/likes/interests: none mentioned
Dislikes: Quark


Quark first encountered Brunt when he came to DS9 to serve a Writ of Accountability for Quark's failure to "properly supervise" his mother Ishka ("Family Business"). He returned to put an end to the strike at Quark's bar by any means necessary; his tactics included having Quark beaten up, in an attempt to intimidate Rom ("Bar Association").

In "Body Parts", when Quark put his remains up on the Ferengi Futures Exchange, Brunt bought them; then when Quark learned he wasn't dying after all, Brunt refused to let Quark out of the deal. Quark finally broke the contract, whereupon Brunt seized his assets and revoked his business license. It was the result of a scheme by Brunt, who saw Quark as a threat to Ferengi society because of his "corruption" by Federation ideals.

A year later, in "Ferengi Love Songs", Brunt concocted a scheme to become Grand Nagus. He enlisted Quark's aid, using the promise of reinstating his business license, in order to break up the romance between Zek and Ishka. Without Ishka to advise Zek, the Nagus' failing memory would be revealed to all. Quark eventually foiled him, but retained his license; Brunt's way of keeping an eye on him.

Having been kicked out of the FCA, Brunt leaped at the opportunity to redeem himself by helping to rescue Ishka from the Dominion. He offered to join Quark's team, and was actually accepted, due to the fact that he was the only one with a ship ("The Magnificent Ferengi"). For his efforts, Brunt was reinstated in the FCA, and managed to bribe his way back into a positon of power. He became Acting Grand Nagus when Zek was deposed, and followed Zek to DS9 in order to gloat. When Quark posed as a female to win the support of Nilva, Brunt tried to expose the ruse, but Nilva didn't believe him ("Profit and Lace").

Finally, in "The Dogs of War", after hearing rumors that Zek was going to DS9 to name his successor, and assuming that it would be Quark, Brunt came to the station again, to offer congratulations and angle for a position as financial advisor. He quickly transferred his efforts to Rom when it turned out the latter was the one who was to be the next Grand Nagus.

Appearances: "Family Business", "Bar Association", "Body Parts", "Ferengi Love Songs", "The Magnificent Ferengi", "Profit and Lace", "The Dogs of War"