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Timelines of some recurring characters can be found here.

Click on the name of the character for more details on that character.
Name Actor Brief identification
Vedek Bareil Philip Anglim Bajoran religious leader; candidate for Kai after Opaka; Kira's lover
Brunt Jeffrey Combs Ferengi liquidator for the FCA; Quark's nemesis
Damar Casey Biggs Cardassian soldier, Dukat's adjutant; succeeded him as head of Cardassia
Dukat Marc Alaimo Cardassian military leader, former prefect of Bajor; headed Cardassia under the Dominion
Eddington Kenneth Marshall Starfleet security officer; joined the Maquis
Female Changeling Salome Jens Founder, spokesperson for the Dominion
Vic Fontaine James Darren Holographic lounge singer in a 1960's Las Vegas program
Garak Andrew J. Robinson Cardassian tailor and former Obsidian Order agent
Ishka Andrea Martin (#1), Cecily Adams (#2) Ferengi; mother of Quark and Rom
Leeta Chase Masterson Bajoran Dabo girl; eventually married Rom
Martok J.G. Hertzler Klingon military commander who adopted Worf into his house
Morn Mark Allen Shepherd [uncredited] Lurian; part of the atmosphere at Quark's
Nog Aron Eisenberg Ferengi; Rom's son, Quark's nephew; became a Starfleet officer
Keiko O'Brien Rosalind Chao O'Brien's wife, a civilian botanist
Kirayoshi O'Brien [uncredited] Son of Miles and Keiko; born in the 5th season
Molly O'Brien Hana Hatae Daughter of Miles and Keiko
Rom Max Grodénchik Ferengi; Quark's brother; engineering savant
Admiral Ross Barry Jenner Starfleet admiral, Sisko's direct superior in 6th and 7th seasons
Tora Ziyal Cyia Batten (#1), Tracy Middendorf (#2), Melanie Smith (#3) Dukat's half-Bajoran daughter
Weyoun (4-8) Jeffrey Combs Vorta; Dominion representative on Cardassia
Winn Adami Louise Fletcher Bajoran religious leader; became Kai
Kasidy Yates Penny Johnson Freighter captain; Sisko's love interest and eventual 2nd wife
Grand Nagus Zek Wallace Shawn Leader of the Ferengi business world

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