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Some Notes

This site is for fanfic writers, trivia buffs, and anyone else who (like me) loves the series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


1. For nearly every entry, I have included the episode(s) in which the item was mentioned. In cases where there is no episode given, it is usually because the item is mentioned in multiple episodes, or is part of the background of the show. In some cases, I have simply noted the first episode in which an item was mentioned, but not subsequent ones.

2. Familiar Star Trek items such as tricorders, phasers, and the term Class M are not included. I figure anyone remotely interested already knows about them, and anyone who doesn't can check out the Star Trek Encyclopedia.

3. For simplicity's sake, I have generally placed holo- and hallucinatory characters and things in the categories they would belong to if they were "real" (i.e., human holosuite characters under Humans; the people in Sisko's hallucination in "Far Beyond the Stars" under Earth's Past; etc.).

4. In entries on items mentioned on other Trek series, I have tended to only note the knowledge given on them in DS9 episodes. The exceptions are entries related to Bajor, Cardassia, etc., which have been mentioned in TNG and VOY but not on DS9, such as borhyas and gettle.

5. The spellings for all entries have been confirmed using the scripts of the episodes.

6. If you have a question, comment, or (Prophets forfend) a correction, contact me.


Tracy Hemenover

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