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Ferengis (and related entries)


Age of Ascenscion Attainment Ceremony Auditory Nerve Nibble Barbo Battle of Prexnak Belongo Black Hole -- See under Food and Beverages.

Blessed Exchequer -- See Divine Treasury, below.


Liquidator Brunt -- See under Recurring Characters.

Celestial Auctioneers -- See Divine Treasury, below.

Chamber of Opportunity

Congress of Economic Advisors Divine Treasury Eustachian Tube Rub FCA -- See Ferengi Commerce Authority, below.

FCA Board of Liquidators

Ferengi Alliance Ferengi Benevolent Association Ferengi Bill of Opportunities Ferengi bylaws Ferengi Commerce Authority Ferengi Futures Exchange Ferengi Gaming Commission Ferengi rain slippers Ferengi Seal of Dismemberment Ferengi starduster -- See under Food and Beverages.

Ferengi trade bylaws

Firn First Clerk flaked blood fleas -- See under Food and Beverages.

Gaila (Josh Pais)

galcor Gant Gint (Max Grodenchik) "glebbening" Golden Masters Division Gorad Gral (Lee Arenberg) Grand Nagus Grand Proxy Grand Steps -- See Sacred Marketplace, below. Great Material Continuum Great Monetary Collapse gree-worms -- See under Food and Beverages.


DaiMon Igel Ishka -- See under Recurring Characters.

jellied gree-worms -- See under Food and Beverages.


Kono Krax (Lou Wagner) Leck (Hamilton Camp) lobeling lobes lokar beans -- See under Food and Beverages.


DaiMon Lurin Marauder Mo Naming Day Nava (Barry Gordon) Nilva (Henry Gibson) Nog -- See under Recurring Characters.


Dr. Orpax Pel (Helene Udy) Plegg Prinadora Quark -- See under Regular Characters.


Rom -- See under Recurring Characters.

Rules of Acquisition

Sacred Marketplace Secretary (Mel Green) slug steaks -- See under Food and Beverages.

Grand Nagus Smeet

Staff of the Grand Nagus Stol sub-nagus Tongo Tower of Commerce tube grubs -- See under Food and Beverages.

Turot -- See Hoex, above.

DaiMon Tye

Tympanic Tickle Vault of Eternal Destitution Waiver of Property and Profit Writ of Accountability Grand Nagus Zek -- See under Recurring Characters.

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