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My DS9 fanfic

I'm not big on plot and action. I leave those to the series and Pocket Books. I concentrate more on character study, drama, humor, and romance. Also, I am an unapologetic Odo fan, and write about him almost exclusively. You have been warned!

Please do not create links to any of these stories without asking me first!

I can be reached at: n9doo@iquest.net.

A vignette set the evening after the next-to-last scene of "His Way"--you know, the Giant Smooch On the Promenade. :-)

Common Ground
(my first completed fanfic, written long before "The Begotten" aired)
PG13, Odo/f, O/K
When an Earth-style carnival comes to DS9, Odo is shocked to see one of his people being displayed as a sideshow attraction.

Into You
NC17, O/K
Kira is late for her shift, but her uniform is (ahem) unwearable. Never fear, Odo has an idea...

A New Light
(my first O/K-specific fanfic)
R, O/K
A prisoner is snatched out of a holding cell, and Odo and Kira take off in hot pursuit--straight into a trap.

State of Grace
PG13, Odo, O/K (friendship)
Odo has just regained his shapeshifting ability...yet he can't stop thinking about the baby Changeling who died to give it all back to him.

Stranger Than Fiction
Two lonely souls meet on the subspace communications net, and fall in love without ever seeing each other's faces. Imagine their surprise...

Stream of Consciousness
PG, Odo, O/K (friendship)
In his newly human body, Odo faces a difficult adjustment period--and a life-threatening injury.  

My DS9 Novelizations

(Yes, I have novelized seven DS9 episodes. All Odo-oriented, of course, except for "The Darkness and the Light", which is not entirely Odo-less. Full credit is given to the original episode writers.)

Necessary Evil
A stolen list and an injured Quark bring back Odo's memories of his first murder case, which may have a connection to current events.

The Alternate
Odo is reunited with his mentor, Dr. Mora--and a "creature" begins stalking the station.

Heart of Stone
(Note: Contains only the main Odo/Kira story, not the Sisko/Nog B-story.)
When Kira becomes trapped in a living crystal, Odo must confront his unspoken feelings for the Major.

The Darkness and the Light
An unknown killer is stalking members of Kira's old resistance cell, and Kira may be next.

The Begotten
After months of humanity, Odo looks forward to "parenthood" when a baby Changeling unexpectedly enters his life.

Children of Time
When the Defiant crew encounters their own descendents, Kira faces a dilemma, and learns a startling secret from a much-older Odo.

His Way
Odo decides to try to learn how to win Kira's heart, by consulting a musical mentor in the holosuite.

When he meets another Changeling who was sent away as an infant, Odo must choose whether to join him on a quest for their lost siblings.

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