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When It Rains...

Production no.: 571
Teleplay by: René Echevarria
Story by: René Echevarria & Spike Steingasser
Directed by: Michael Dorn
Stardate: not given 
First satellite airdate: May 1, 1999
Andrew J. Robinson .......
Casey Biggs ...................
Marc Alaimo ..................
J.G. Hertzler ..................
Barry Jenner ..................
Robert O'Reilly ...............
John Vickery ..................
Scott Burkholder .............
Louise Fletcher ...............
Stephen Yoakam ............
Vaughn Armstrong .........
Colby French ..................
Admiral Ross
Kai Winn

O'Brien briefs Sisko, Martok, Admiral Ross, and a Romulan general named Velal on something that happened during the battle in which the Alpha Quadrant fleets were defeated at Chin'toka. By some fluke, there was one Klingon ship that was not disabled by the Breen's energy-dissipating weapon, because of an adjustment made to its warp core. Martok has already ordered all Klingon ships to make the same adjustment. Unfortunately, the Starfleet and Romulan ships are still vulnerable. It will be a while before they can come up with a way to counteract the weapon. In the meantime, the Klingons will keep the enemy off balance by engaging them in small battle groups.

The discussion turns to the other factor the Dominion now has to contend with: Damar's resistance movement. There is hope that it will grow, but they will need to adjust their tactics to small-scale hit-and-runs, sabotage, and the like. Since Damar doesn't have experience with that type of campaign, Sisko decides they need to send him someone who does.

Kira is incredulous when Sisko tells her he wants her to go teach Damar's forces how to fight a resistance campaign. Not only is it ironic, but Kira points out that Damar murdered Ziyal. Sisko says she'll have to put her feelings aside; the fact is, they need Damar. "The Dominion knows they have to stop his rebellion before it spreads. And it's up to you to see that they don't. It's as simple as that." He suggests that Garak can use his contacts to help locate Damar, and that Garak might be a useful member of her team. "Damar and Garak -- should be an interesting mission," notes Kira wryly.

In the infirmary, Bashir builds up to asking Odo a favor: "I need to borrow a cup of goo." He wants to study Odo's morphogenic matrix in order to see if he can synthesize organic tissue that can become whatever is needed, for purposes of organ replacement. "It's for a good cause." Odo reluctantly gives the sample, which he warns he will want back when he returns, as he is going with Kira and Garak.

Winn does a credible acting job as she tells a security officer to do whatever it takes to find Solbor. After the officer is gone, she and Dukat talk. Winn is cold towards him. "Do you really think I could let myself be touched by a man whose hands are stained with the blood of my people?" But she's still committed to releasing the pah-wraiths. Dukat offers to help study the book, but Winn says the Text of the Kosst Amojan is for her eyes alone. She tells him to leave her, which Dukat does with as much dignity as he can.

Gowron is due at DS9 for a ceremony in which Martok is to be inducted into the Order of Kahless. As Sisko and Ross discuss this, Kira and Garak come in with the news that Garak was able to contact Damar, who let them know his location and requested assistance. Garak brings up a concern of Damar's about Kira leading the mission. While Damar is willing to put his feelings aside, his men might see her uniform as an affront, and it could undermine his authority. It looks as if they'll have to send someone else, but Sisko says there's another way around the problem.

In due order, Kira is given a Starfleet uniform and temporary commission as Commander; and as they talk in Odo's office with Garak, Odo undergoes a change as well, morphing his Bajoran uniform into the outfit he "wore" during the Occupation (seen in "Necessary Evil"). "I wonder if Dr. Bashir could help us with that nose of yours?" Garak jokes to Kira, who says, "I'm only willing to go so far. Damar's men are just going to have to get used to the idea of having me around." "Oh, they'll tolerate you, to a point," Garak replies. "If I were you, I'd watch my back."

At Damar's secret cavern base somewhere in Cardassian space, Rusot and Damar confer about their diminishing food supplies; Damar says Garak is bringing some Federation replicators. Rusot is disgusted at the thought, and particularly at the idea of having to take help from a Bajoran terrorist. Damar acknowledges that he hated Kira when he served on Terok Nor, but those feelings are a luxury he can no longer afford. He asks for Rusot's support; Rusot reluctantly agrees.

Gowron arrives on DS9, greeted by Sisko, Worf, Martok, and Ross. The Chancellor isn't happy to see Worf, but since Martok has accepted him as his brother, he says generously that what's past is past.

In the infirmary, Bashir tells O'Brien, as he begins to run tests on Odo's sample, that he asked Ezri why she's been avoiding him, but was called away before she could answer. He has contrived to have her come here to discuss some test results. When Ezri arrives, O'Brien makes a graceful exit.

With studied casualness, Bashir offhandedly asks what she had been about to tell him the other day. "Well, I guess now is as good a time as any," Ezri replies, steeling herself. She awkwardly explains what happened when she and Worf were away, including when "one thing led to another". Bashir stops her, saying it's all right; he wishes them all the happiness in the world. Ezri is trying to correct his misunderstanding of the situation, and tell him her real feelings, when Bashir responds to a beep from his console and looks at the monitor. "Oh, my God," he breathes.

Bashir contacts the runabout on which Odo, Kira, and Garak are headed for Damar's base. He has bad news for Odo. "The disease that's killing your people -- you're infected." Bashir guesses that Odo must have contracted it when he last Linked with the Female Changeling. Kira protests that Odo doesn't have any symptoms. But Bashir tells them it may not be long before symptoms start to surface.

Odo refuses to go back to the station. He intends to see the mission through, and Bashir says there's not much he can do for Odo at this point anyway, though he's running tests on the sample, and will ask Starfleet Medical for results of the tests they ran on Odo a few years back. Hopefully he'll be able to figure out how the virus works, which may lead to a cure. Odo stoically goes back to piloting the runabout under Kira's worried eye.

Dukat sneaks into Winn's office at night and opens up the Text. As he starts to read, a symbol on one of the pages glows, and suddenly an energy tendril bursts out of it, hitting him in the eyes. Winn hears his howl of pain and rushes in. Gasping, Dukat tells her he can't see. "I warned you," says Winn. "The Text of the Kosst Amojan is for my eyes alone."

Martok's induction into the Order of Kahless takes place with the typical Klingon ritual bloodletting and bloodwine. Gowron tells Martok that he's borne the burden of the war for a long time; Martok replies that he does it gladly, and will fight until victory is theirs. But Gowron has something else in mind. He wants to take a more active role in the war. "As of today, I'm assuming direct command of our forces." Startled, Martok asks if Gowron is unsatisfied with his performance. Gowron says he wouldn't have given Martok this honor if he were unsatisfied. "You should be happy! You're a warrior again. No more meetings, no more reports to file. You'll be out there, savoring the heat of battle. I envy you! I intend to see an end to this war, and soon. The Dominion will rue the day they heard my name!"

Bashir talks via subspace to Ensign Weldon, an officer stationed at Starfleet Medical, who says the files Bashir has requested are classified. Finally he puts Bashir through to his superior's superior, Commander Hilliard. Hilliard seems helpful at first, and asks how Odo contracted the disease; Bashir says presumably when he Linked with another Changeling. "You're saying that he's been in contact with the enemy?" asks Hilliard. Bashir says it was over a year ago. He has done his own scans of Odo, but he needs Starfleet's records as a point of comparison so he can find a cure. Inexplicably, Hilliard then reiterates that the files are classified; he can't release them to anyone with less than Sigma 9 clearance. He also says he can't understand why Bashir wants to cure a disease that has infected the enemy.

"The Founders have nothing to do with it," Bashir replies, starting to lose his temper. "Odo's life is at stake!" "Odo, who by your own admission has been known to consort with the enemy," Hilliard retorts. He's not interested in circumstances. Citing the risk that if Bashir finds a cure, it might end up in the hands of the Dominion, he advises Bashir to drop the matter; otherwise he'll refer it to Starfleet Security.

Bashir recounts the bizarre conversation to O'Brien. "He practically accused me of being a traitor, made it sound like I was in league with the Dominion just because I wanted to help Odo." O'Brien is as mystified as he is; perhaps Hilliard is spooked by the Breen attack on Starfleet Headquarters. Bashir decides to ask Sisko to request the files. Hopefully the captain has Sigma 9 clearance, whatever that is.

Kira, Odo, and Garak arrive at Damar's base, where Damar greets them; both he and Kira are determined to make the best of this situation. "The Cardassian people won't forget the Federation's generosity," Damar says, of the replicators and supplies they have brought. Garak smiles. "How nice. And now that the formalities are over with, let's try to remember that our enemy is the Dominion, and not each other." "I don't need to be reminded who my enemies are," Rusot replies coolly, looking at Kira.

Kira gives the Cardassians a rundown on how to organize a resistance. She recommends breaking it up into cells of ten to twenty people each, so that their ability to compromise the others if captured is limited, and so that the Dominion won't be able to wipe them all out in one blow. Rusot argues against scattering their resources, but Kira's words make sense to Damar. Moving on to possible targets, Odo begins to tell them about a weapons depot, which, Rusot protests, is defended by a Cardassian garrison. Kira tells them she also was reluctant to attack facilities where Bajorans were working, but she did it anyway, because they were working with the enemy. "We're not Bajorans," sneers Rusot. "We don't kill our own." "Well, then you might as well just give up right now," Kira says frankly. "Because the minute that the Dominion realizes that you will not attack your own people, they will station a Cardassian at every base they have...Anyone who's not fighting with you is fighting against you." Odo and Garak back her up. Finally, Damar makes the hard choice, and consents, over Rusot's objection.

Thanks to Sisko's Sigma 9 clearance, Bashir now has the files he wanted, which have more data than he expected. As he works, O'Brien asks how things went with Ezri. "Don't ask," says Bashir, who explains that Ezri and Worf are involved, though he admits she didn't say that in so many words. But O'Brien tells him he had a drink with Worf the other day, and Worf said they were just friends. Bashir supposes it's possible he misunderstood her.

Bashir then notices something odd on the monitor. The dispersal pattern in the resonance scan is the same as one he saw seven years ago, when Dr. Mora shared his data on Odo with him. The scan came from when Mora first discovered Odo; but the date says it was done when Odo was at Starfleet Medical, and it's impossible for two different scans to have the same dispersal pattern. Bashir is stunned. "Someone took Dr. Mora's results and built up a phony medical workup around them. This isn't Odo's file. They sent a fake."

Both men know it's not something Starfleet Medical would do. However, there is an organization that will stop at nothing to protect the Federation: Section 31. "They don't want me to find a cure. They're afraid the Founders will get hold of it," Bashir realizes. O'Brien completes the thought. "And to keep that from happening, they're willing to let Odo die."

Martok broods in his office. "First he gives me a medal, then he takes over my command. It makes no sense." It does to Worf, however: Martok is seen as the savior of the Empire, a name Gowron wants for himself. Martok exclaims that he has no interest in politics. He has earned his position, while Gowron schemed his way into power. But he decides that regardless of Gowron's motives, it's their duty to help him defeat the Dominion. "I am honored to be part of your House," says Worf.

During a mealtime at Damar's base, Rusot and another officer, Seskal, are watching Kira and Odo. Garak cautions them against bringing up the matter on their minds, which he says is not a proper subject for discussion since they're supposed to be getting along. But Rusot and Seskal ignore him. "Odo, when you were the head of security on Terok Nor, what did you think was going to happen to the Bajoran prisoners you arrested?" Seskal asks. Though Kira tells him he doesn't have to answer, Odo finally does so. "I expected that my prisoners would be dealt with justly, but I soon came to realize that Cardassians have little interest in justice." Seskal then asks why he didn't resign in protest. Kira tosses her plate down, demanding to know what he's getting at, though Odo tries to calm her.

"I believe you've struck a nerve," Rusot says to Seskal triumphantly. "Apparently Commander Kira doesn't like to be reminded that her lover collaborated with her enemies." "Odo wasn't a collaborator," Kira grits, but Rusot says it depends on one's definition. Odo tells Kira it's not worth it; Garak supports him, and finally Kira says evenly, "I guess we have a difference of opinion," and stalks out. Garak tells Rusot they were lucky; she would have killed them. "I only wish she had tried," Rusot smirks.

Odo follows Kira to their quarters, where she knocks over a cargo box. He sympathizes with her feelings, but says the Dominion is their enemy, not Rusot. "I don't need you to remind me of that," she flares, and immediately apologizes. She goes to find a cooling unit so she can be more comfortable in the hot cavern. Odo starts to pick up the box she knocked over, and catches sight of his hand. It has begun to peel -- he is now showing symptoms of the disease. When Kira returns, Odo quickly morphs his hand to smoothness again and pretends nothing's wrong.

Winn takes a certain pleasure in informing the blinded Dukat that the doctor can't find anything wrong with his eyes. "The pah-wraiths have taken your sight in punishment for your arrogance. Only they can give it back to you." Dukat protests that he only wanted to study the book to see if he could help, but Winn knows better. The truth is that he was trying to find out if he could release the pah-wraiths without her. She rejects his plea to pray with him for forgiveness, and calls a security officer to put him out on the street. "You need a lesson in humility. I'm going to see that you get it." Winn smugly tells Dukat that as a blind beggar, he'll surely win enough sympathy to be able to buy food and shelter. "You may return when you've proved yourself worthy, and your sight has been restored." Dukat is helpless to resist as he is taken away.

Worf and Martok have a meeting with Gowron, who announces that rather than hold the line and wait for the Federation and Romulan fleets to become operable again, the Klingon fleets will take the offensive on their own. Worf and Martok protest; they're barely holding the line as it is, and need every ship to defend the border. They're outnumbered twenty to one. "What of it?" exclaims Gowron. "The element of surprise will be on our side!" He won't hear any other opinions. "We'll be the saviors of the Alpha Quadrant. The glory will be ours, and ours alone."

Bashir works into the night with O'Brien acting as sounding board. The doctor has decided not to tell the Captain, because Sisko will have to report it to Starfleet Command, and Section 31 will be alerted. Quark brings them coffee; he's heard about Odo's illness, and figured it was the least he could do. Of course, he doesn't want word of his concern to get back to Odo. O'Brien says it'll be their little secret.

Having mapped the life cycle of the virus, Bashir is now trying to figure out when Odo was infected. The computer's results are puzzling: apparently Odo was infected over two years ago, and Bashir was wrong to assume that he contracted the disease from the Female Changeling. Finally the computer comes up with a date: 49419, almost three years ago -- the same day Odo underwent the tests at Starfleet Medical.

Both Bashir and O'Brien come to a horrifying conclusion: Section 31 created the virus, and infected Odo with it, so that through him, his people would also become infected. "31 isn't just trying to stop us from finding a cure -- they're trying to cover up the fact that they set out to commit genocide." O'Brien points out that Section 31 must also have a cure. "We have to find a way to get our hands on that cure," Bashir says. O'Brien adds grimly, "Before 31 gets their hands on us."