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'Til Death Do Us Part

Production no.: 568
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Winrich Kolbe
Stardate: not given 
First satellite airdate: April 10, 1999
Jeffrey Combs .......
Penny Johnson .......
Marc Alaimo ..........
Casey Biggs ...........
Barry Jenner ..........
Deborah Lacey ......
Aron Eisenberg ......
James Otis .............
Salome Jens ...........
Louise Fletcher .......
Admiral Ross
Female Changeling
Kai Winn

Sisko has confided in Jake about the vision he had, in which the Prophet who shared his mother's existence to ensure his birth warned him against marrying Kasidy. He hasn't told Kasidy yet, though; she is on a cargo run. Sisko is torn between his emotions as a man and the faith he has come to feel in the Prophets. They are still talking when Kira calls to tell him Kai Winn is here to see him.

Winn enters Sisko's office, and offers him congratulations on his upcoming wedding, which she calls a "momentous event for Bajor". She's here to help in the preparations. Sisko does his best to politely tell her that's not necessary, but Winn is determined to have a part in it, even to officiate. "Well, these are joyful days indeed. You've given the Prophets reason to smile." But then she sees the shadow of doubt on his face. Sisko confesses to his vision, and that the Prophets warned him that he would face a great trial. "The Prophets don't always make themselves clear," he says. "I wouldn't know," says Winn, hiding her resentment, "as they've never spoken to me directly. In any case, you've always been willing to do whatever it is they ask. Well, I'll pray that they give you the strength to face your trial. I sense you're going to need it."

Winn steps out of the office, and is about to be shown to her quarters by Kira when suddenly she herself is struck by a vision. Aliens in the form of Ranjen Solbor (her elderly aide), Kira, and Sisko are discussing her. "Her pagh is strong." "She will serve us well." Winn is in awe. It's what she's been waiting and hoping for all her life: the Prophets are finally speaking to her. "The Sisko has faltered. You must bring the Restoration...Bajor's fate rests with you." When Winn asks what to do, they tell her that the "guide" will reveal the way, and that this guide will come to her. "He will have the wisdom of the land." The beings reiterate that only Winn can bring the restoration. The Kai comes to herself, stunned. Kira asks if she's all right. "The Prophets -- they spoke to me," Winn breathes, overwhelmed.

Ezri and Worf are still prisoners on the Breen ship, numerous escape attempts having failed. After being fed some algae paste, they discuss their mysterious captors. Ezri cracks a joke, just as Jadzia used to do to keep her spirits up. "You are a lot like her," Worf says. "...I thought that I had lost her forever, but you and I will have many years together." Ezri looks a little uncertain at this.

On Cardassia, Weyoun wakes a hung-over Damar in his bedroom, and tells him they're leaving; Damar needn't concern himself with where they're going. The Vorta also reveals that he knows about Damar's business with Dukat. "Such loyalty. It would be impressive if it wasn't so misplaced." After Weyoun leaves, Damar gets up, and starts to swig some kanar straight from the bottle. Then he glimpses his own reflection in a mirror. He turns away, unable to stand the sight of himself, and drinks.

Later, Damar speaks with Dukat, in his new guise as a Bajoran. He has arranged transportation and identity for his former mentor, who observes that he doesn't look well. "What happened to that brave officer I served with? The one who stood at my side while we fought the entire Klingon Empire with a single ship?" "Those were simpler times," says Damar. Dukat tells him, "Those days might be gone, but the man I served with isn't. He's still within you. Reach in and grab hold of him, Damar. Cardassia needs a leader." Damar replies that Dukat could be that leader again, but Dukat says the pah-wraiths have shown him another destiny. They wish each other luck. Soon, Dukat is on DS9, walking through the Promenade, unrecognized.

Kasidy is back from her cargo run, and notices her fiance's somber mood. Steeling himself, Sisko tells her about his vision. Kasidy asks what he's going to do. "Kasidy," Sisko says, "the Prophets can see things that we can't. If she was that concerned, it must be for a good reason." He tells her he loves her, and wants to be with her. "Then be with me, Ben," she urges. But Sisko has made a hard decision, after days of agonizing. "I can't. I can't go against the Prophets." Fighting tears, Kasidy slowly removes the ring he gave her, and walks out.

On the Breen ship, Ezri wakes from a nightmare, which she describes to Worf. She was being chased by Breen, one of whom grabbed her with a claw, even though Worf points out that Breen don't have claws. He thinks it's best to ignore dreams, but Ezri says that dreams contain valuable insights. "Things that don't seem to make any sense are actually the key to what your unconscious is trying to tell you." She continues, saying she got away from the Breen; eventually, though, she was unable to run, and the Breen took off his helmet. It was Julian. Ezri is mystified. "I wonder what it meant?" "Dr. Bashir is a Breen," Worf deadpans. As she's trying to analyze it further, the cell door opens and three Breen come in. Though Worf puts up a fight, they stun him and drag him off, leaving Ezri alone.

Winn is praying when a supplicant arrives: Dukat, whose identity as a Bajoran is Anjohl Tennan, a farmer from Relliketh. He asks for her blessing, so that he may have prosperity in the coming season. "I'm just a simple man of the land." This instantly gets the Kai's attention. She takes his ear. "Your pagh is strong, Anjohl. I've been waiting for you."

Dukat pretends confusion. Winn proceeds to treat him like an honored guest, having Solbor bring them both tea while Dukat plays the part of the innocent, humble farmer, overwhelmed by the company he's in. He tells her that rogath blight destroyed his entire crop last year, and those of most of the farms in Relliketh. This rings a bell with Winn, who remembers Talnot's Prophecy of the Final Days: "And the land shall be poisoned by a great evil." To eradicate the blight, Dukat continues, one must burn one's fields and let them lie fallow for a season to allow for the "restoration" of the soil. Winn grows ever more eager at this confirmation of her vision. "The poison must be purged away, so the land can be reborn." She reveals that the Prophets told her they would send him here; Dukat seems nonplused. "You've been blessed, Anjohl. They have anointed you to be my guide," Winn says. "...You are going to help me bring about the Restoration of Bajor." Dukat is appropriately awed by the idea.

In his office with Kira, Sisko is distracted by his emotional turmoil over having called off his wedding. "The Prophets wouldn't ask you to do something like that without a reason," says Kira, trying to comfort him. "...What they're asking you to do isn't easy. But they've never led you down the wrong path." "Not so far. There's always a first time," Sisko replies, unable to help feeling angry. "To them, I'm 'the Sisko', an instrument to carry out their wishes. But they forget that I am also human, with dreams and wishes of my own. They say that marrying Kasidy is a mistake. Maybe it is, but it's my mistake to make." "I wouldn't go against the Prophets," Kira tells him gently. "You're doing the right thing."

The Female Changeling and Weyoun are on the bridge of a Jem'Hadar ship, heading for a rendezvous. Weyoun takes the opportunity to suck up, complimenting her on the brilliance of her plan. Fighting off a wave of weakness, she brings up Damar, who she trusts won't be a problem. Weyoun says he'll deal with Damar. "See that you do," says the Founder. "I find him most trying."

Worf has been returned to the cell, deliriously rambling about StoVoKor and not dishonoring Jadzia's memory. Ezri does her best to comfort him. The Breen had used a cortical implant to probe his memory, and Worf is angry at himself for losing consciousness. He starts to stalk around the room, ranting about the Breen's lack of honor, unable to tolerate this captivity any longer. Ezri tries to calm him down, but ends up shouting herself. Then the Breen come in again. It's her turn for interrogation. Worf tries futilely again to fight them, and Ezri is dragged off.

As Winn and Dukat finish dinner, she casually brings up the subject of Sisko. "The Prophets may have chosen to speak through him, but he's not really one of us, is he?" muses Dukat, echoing Winn's own long-held opinion. "...There are times when I wonder if he truly understands our people. Still, it's not for me to question why the Prophets chose him to be their Emissary." However, prompted by Winn to speak his mind, Dukat continues. "The Emissary didn't suffer through the Occupation. He has no idea what the Cardassians did to us. Those years left many scars on Bajor's soul. So how can he help heal what he could never comprehend?" "I have often asked myself the same question," says Winn, happy to encounter someone who thinks like she does.

But her satisfaction turns to astonishment when Dukat mentions having been one of a hundred Bajorans rounded up and taken to the capital for execution, only to be rerouted to a labor camp instead, due to a traffic dispatcher's mistake. Winn happens to remember this incident very well, for she was the one who bribed the dispatcher to make that mistake. "You saved my life," Dukat says. "Even then our fates were linked." He takes her hands; their eyes lock in the certainty that the Prophets surely guided them here.

Sisko is in his quarters, staring sadly at his house model, when Quark comes in, bearing an item Sisko had ordered. It's a Terellian diamond ring, meant to be Kasidy's wedding band. Quark awkwardly says it was non-refundable. As he's leaving, he turns. "Seems a shame to let something so beautiful go to waste."

Ezri is brought back to the cell, as disoriented as Worf was, and mumbling incoherent fragments of memories dredged up by the Breen's implant: about Garak, her brother Norvo, Joran, and Worf. "I was your wife. Why won't you talk to me?" Worf leans over her. Ezri smiles. "I love you. Kiss me. Kiss me, Julian..." Worf pulls back, stunned.

Winn, unable to sleep, smiles eagerly when Solbor tells her "Anjohl" is here, insisting on seeing her. She comes out in her robe, with her hair down. "Something wondrous has happened," says Dukat. He says his brother, who is caring for his farm, found moba saplings sprouting in the field, despite the fact that they only planted last week. He wonders if it's a sign; Winn says yes, that the farm will thrive under his brother's care, and that the Prophets want Anjohl at her side. "Then this is where I'll stay, Eminence," says Dukat. Winn corrects him with her given name, Adami. He starts to stroke her hair, but pulls back. "It's all right," says Winn softly. "The Prophets brought us together." They begin to kiss.

Kasidy is about to depart the station when Sisko comes into the cargo bay. "I made a mistake. I don't care what the Prophets want. I want to marry you. We'll worry about the rest later." "Ben, don't do this to me, not if you're going to change your mind again," she says, but Sisko is sure of himself. "I won't. I love you." He takes her hand and leads her away.

The DS9 officers, plus Admiral Ross and Jake, gather in the wardroom for a hastily-convened ceremony; Quark has been pressed into service as caterer. Only Kira is somber, hoping the Prophets will forgive the couple. Nog sounds a pipe announcing the arrival of the bride, and the rite gets underway, with Ross presiding.

Sisko and Kasidy say their vows. But as Sisko is about to put the ring on her finger, he has another vision. "This is not meant to be, Benjamin," says the Sarah/Prophet, who tells him he must be strong for his trial; Sisko replies that Kasidy gives him strength. "You shared my mother's existence. You must have some idea what love is. You should know that I will never be happy without Kasidy." The Prophet regards him sadly, and embraces him. "Your path is a difficult one. I cannot change what is to come...Be careful, my son." Sisko comes out of it. "With this ring, I thee wed," he says, and slips the ring onto Kasidy's finger. Ross pronounces them husband and wife.

On the Jem'Hadar ship, Damar demands that Weyoun tell him where they're going; Weyoun is all smiles and apologies. "You are the leader of Cardassia. You deserve to know everything we're doing. And I have a feeling you're going to be very pleased."

Ezri recovers to find Worf in a foul mood. "I should not have trusted you with my heart...You dishonor me and yourself." She is confused; more so when Worf harshly asks, "How long have you had these feelings for him?" "For who?" "Dr. Bashir!" Ezri is incredulous at hearing that she had said in her delirium that she loved Bashir. Of course, Bashir is charming and attractive, but she denies being in love with him. "I should have known," Worf fumes. "Jadzia had feelings for him as well." "Would you stop comparing me to her?" Ezri explodes. Then three Breen come in.

They all materialize on the bridge of the Jem'Hadar ship. There, Worf and Ezri are shocked to see Weyoun graciously greeting the Breen; it seems that the prisoners are "gifts". Weyoun addresses the two of them. "You should be honored. You're witnessing an historic moment: the birth of the alliance between the Dominion and the Breen. Changes everything, doesn't it?"

  • The original title of this episode was "Umbra". The change came because "Umbra" was too confusingly similar to "Penumbra".