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Sons and Daughters

Production no.: 526
Written by: Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed by: Jesus Salvador Trevino
Stardate: not given 
First satellite airdate: October 11, 1997
Marc Worden .......
Marc Alaimo ........
J.G. Hertzler .........
Melanie Smith .......
Casey Biggs .........
Sam Zeller ............
Gabrielle Union .....
Alexander Rozhenko

Sisko's crew has been rescued by the Rotarran, which takes them back to Starbase 375. As they are delivered, Sisko makes a bet with Martok: a barrel of bloodwine for the one who sets foot on Deep Space Nine first. The Rotarran goes on to a rendezvous with another bird-of-prey, which beams over some troop reinforcements: only five crewmembers, all that could be spared.

Martok gives them the blood-and-honor pep speech. Then one by one the new personnel shout out their names, all of them following the format "Blah, son (or daughter) of Blah", except the last one: Alexander Rozhenko. Martok, puzzled, asks what house that is. "Of no house, sir," says Alexander. "My honor will be my own." After the newbies file out, Worf admits to Martok that Alexander is his son.

On Terok Nor, in Quark's, Kira and Odo are in the midst of planning the New Resistance when Jake joins them. He wants to be part of the cell. Kira and Odo are reluctant to let him get involved. As they're talking, Quark tells Kira it's time, and she leaves, resigned to having to once more meet Dukat at the airlock as the gul returns. When Dukat steps onto the station, he tells Kira he has a surprise for her. It's Ziyal, whom he's talked into taking a sabbatical from the university she was attending on Bajor. Ziyal greets her happily and invites her to dinner tonight. After Kira agrees, Dukat drops the other shoe: they'll all be dining in his quarters.

Martok tells Worf the Rotarran has been ordered to escort a convoy to Donatu V; the last three were destroyed by the Jem'Hadar. The Rotarran is the only ship that could be spared for the escort. "A vital mission, impossible odds and a ruthless enemy. What more could we ask for? I tell you, Worf, I feel young again." After giving Worf a briefing, he turns the conversation to more personal matters. This is the first time Martok ever heard that Worf had a son. Uncomfortable, Worf explains the situation. He was never really close to Alexander, whom he sent eventually to live with his foster parents on Earth. Alexander showed no interest in becoming a warrior, which Worf claims he has accepted. He has no idea why Alexander has chosen to join the Klingon Defense Forces.

An emotionless Alexander enters Worf's quarters later, and Worf awkwardly attempts to speak with him. The rift is obvious as Alexander claims he's not here to be Worf's son, but to serve the Empire, which Worf notes was not one of his priorities the last time they spoke. Finally Worf tells Alexander that of everything he expects from the rest of the crew, he will expect twice that from him.

Kira arrives early at Dukat's quarters, where Ziyal is still preparing dinner. Kira tells her she's backing out of the invitation. Ziyal is disappointed but not surprised. When Kira asks what she's doing back on the station, Ziyal tells her that though everyone on Bajor was polite to her, she felt she didn't fit in, especially considering who her father is. She has reconciled with him, despite the fact that he had left her on the station to die when she defied him. Ziyal has something she wanted to share with both her father and Kira over dinner. Finally, Kira tells her she'll come tonight after all.

In the mess hall, Alexander's human manners cause Ch'Targh, a veteran crewman, to treat him with mocking politeness as the other Klingons present snicker like kids in a schoolyard. It only slowly dawns on Alexander what's going on. When Ch'Targh calls him "son of Worf", Alexander insists that his name is Rozhenko. Finally, enraged, he draws his dagger, Ch'Targh draws his, and they're at it. Alexander is losing when Worf comes in and grabs Ch'Targh's wrist, stopping the combat. The onlookers, Ch'Targh, and even Alexander are outraged by Worf's interference. "Are you going to fight the Jem'Hadar for him as well?" Ch'Targh asks sarcastically as he leaves.

After dinner, Dukat and Kira both admire some of Ziyal's drawings. Ziyal reveals her news: that she sent some of them to the director of an art institute on Cardassia, and they may be included in a new-artists exhibition. She hopes that her work can bring people together, even Bajorans and Cardassians. When Ziyal goes off to get dessert, Kira and Dukat marvel over the new direction she has found. Dukat comments that he's grateful Kira cares about his daughter.

When Martok converses with Worf, he reveals that he has heard about the brawl. He's not too happy that it was from someone other than Worf. Martok understands that it's difficult to watch someone injure one's son, but it's not as if Ch'Targh would really have killed Alexander. "You told me Alexander never wanted to be a warrior. Clearly he has changed his mind. Worf, you are his first officer. Teach him to survive. The Jem'Hadar will be less forgiving than Ch'Targh."

They are called to the bridge, where Alexander runs the sensor array while Ch'Targh is at helm. Alexander has spotted an approaching Jem'Hadar ship. Though nothing can be seen on the viewscreen, and the sensors don't pick up a target, Alexander reports the enemy firing torpedoes at them. Martok calls for evasive action, but the torpedoes stay locked on. However, there's no impact. Worf finally reinitializes the primary sensors, realizing that Alexander forgot to erase the battle simulation program from the sensor display. The crew, especially Ch'Targh, enjoys a hearty laugh at Alexander's expense. Uncertainly, Alexander starts to laugh too. "You see, they have accepted him," Martok tells Worf, who looks grim. "They have accepted him as the ship's fool."

Dukat holds Kira back as a meeting finishes, to tell her that the art institute has decided to exhibit three of Ziyal's drawings. He invites her to a celebration in his quarters tonight, unless he's unavoidably delayed. "Ah, the busy life of an interstellar despot," says Kira.

Worf gives Alexander some one-on-one combat training. It's clear that his son just isn't very good. Alexander unleashes some of his bitterness. "You must be pleased. Now you can tell me what a failure I am as a Klingon...Or are you just going to send me away again?" "We are not playing in holosuites now," Worf tells him. "This is war. The Jem'Hadar will cut you to pieces." "Then I will be dead," retorts Alexander. "And you will be happy."

A resentful Damar delivers a gift to Kira from Dukat, a gift that turns out to be a silk dress for the party tonight. Kira actually holds it up before her in the mirror before muttering, "What the hell am I doing?" and storming over to Dukat's quarters to return the dress. When he asks if she doesn't like it, she says it's fine; she doesn't like him. "Major, that's just not true," Dukat claims. "There's a bond between us." "Only in your mind," Kira informs him. "You're an opportunistic, power-hungry dictator, and I want nothing more to do with you." Rather than talk about it any further, she leaves. Ziyal emerges from another room, asking who that was. Dukat tells her it was a delivery. "It's a little something for you to wear to the party tonight." Ziyal is delighted.

Alexander is clumsily practicing his bat'leth moves when Martok comes in, and asks why he's here. "To serve the Empire, General," Alexander replies. "That is a slogan, not an answer," Martok tells him. He wants Alexander to say what's in his heart; he has no need to ask others that question, because he sees it in their faces. But he knows Alexander is not a warrior. Alexander says it's a private matter; Martok comments that he's as stubborn and tiresome as his father. However, he needs Worf, while he doesn't need Alexander. "All I ask is a chance to prove myself," declares Alexander. "I just gave you one," Martok tells him. "And you failed." He goes on to say that Worf has requested that Alexander be transferred off the ship. Alexander is to report to a cargo vessel.

In the mess hall, Alexander slams his dagger into the table beside his father's plate, challenging him. "If you want me off this ship, you're going to have to kill me." Worf tells him he wants to help him. "By getting rid of me?" Alexander snarls. "All you've ever done my whole life is send me away." "I am a Klingon warrior," Worf replies. "I lead a warrior's life. This is not the path for you. You told me this yourself, and I have come to accept it." That's not good enough for Alexander. "You call yourself my father, but you haven't tried to see me or talk to me in five years. I wasn't the kind of son you wanted, so you pretended that you had no son. You never accepted me. You abandoned me."

At that moment, Martok calls the crew to battle stations. This is no simulation; the Rotarran is being attacked by two Jem'Hadar ships. During the combat, Alexander's station explodes, and he switches to engineering, where he detects a plasma leak on deck five. They need to get it under control before they lose the deck. Alexander volunteers to seal it, and Ch'Targh offers to go with him. Worf tells them to go. Shortly thereafter, the Rotarran manages to dispatch both attackers. Worf asks permission to leave the bridge. He meets Ch'Targh in the corridor. Ch'Targh tells him that Alexander is trapped behind a sealed hatch; he was putting away the tools when he accidentally tripped the emergency lockdown. Alexander finally emerges, looking sheepish. Worf lays a hand on his shoulder. "Come."

Kira meets up with Ziyal the next morning; the girl is disappointed that Kira didn't come to the party. "I'm sorry," Kira tells her. "I couldn't. I think you know why." Ziyal looks at her beseechingly. "Please don't ask me to choose between you." "I'm not," replies Kira gently. "There's no choice. He's your father." Ziyal has to accept that.

Worf and Alexander are finally talking. "I cannot change the mistakes I have made," Worf tells him, "but from this day forward, I promise, I will stand with you." "We'll see if you mean it," Alexander replies. But he understands that what he's about to do entails a grave obligation. "I will teach you what you need to know to be a warrior," Worf says. "And you will teach me what I need to know to be a father." They go to Martok's ready room, where Martok conducts the ritual that will make Alexander a part of his house, just as his father is.