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Shattered Mirror

Production no.: 492
Written by: Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by: James L. Conway
Stardate: not given 
First satellite airdate: April 20, 1996
Felecia M. Bell ........
Aron Eisenberg ........
Carlos Carrasco .......
Andrew Robinson ....
James Black ............
Dennis Madalone .....
Klingon Officer

Jake stands at what used to be his and Nog's "spot" on the Promenade. When Odo converses a bit with him, Jake admits that maybe he misses Nog a little. Quark joins them with a comment about Jake standing there every day pining for his friend. Finally, Jake leaves and goes home. There, to his shock, he sees his father talking to his dead mother.

Actually, it's the Jennifer Sisko from the mirror universe. Jake has heard from his father about her, but he can't take his eyes off her. They are talking when Kira calls to say that a Bajoran minister is here and insists on speaking with him. Reluctantly, Sisko says he'll be right there. He tells Jake that Jennifer came to this universe to tell him some good news: the Terrans have driven the Alliance off Terok Nor. Jennifer asks if she can stay and visit with Jake for a while, and Sisko agrees. Jake talks with her a bit, unable to get over how similar she is to his mother.

Sisko finishes with his meeting and rushes back to his quarters. But Jake and Jennifer are gone. On a table, he finds a device of the kind that Smiley O'Brien used to transport the two of them to the mirror universe. He shows it to the other Ops officers; the conclusion is that Jake accompanied Jennifer back to her universe. Determined to get Jake back, Sisko decides to go. Kira and O'Brien are set to go with him, but when the device is activated, only Sisko dematerializes.

He's greeted by Smiley, who tells him Jennifer is showing Jake around the station. Sisko says he's taking Jake home. "Then I'm afraid we have a problem," says the mirror O'Brien. "...Jake's not going anywhere." Two Terran rebels appear and disarm Sisko, also taking the device. "And neither are you," O'Brien finishes.

O'Brien lays it out for Sisko: they used Jake to lure him here because they need his help. When he was on DS9 in the other universe, he downloaded some of the computer files, which included the blueprints for the Defiant. Now the rebels have built their own version of the Defiant, to defend Terok Nor from the Alliance fleet that is on its way to re-take the station. But the ship has problems -- much the same problems that the other Defiant had until its structural integrity field grid was overhauled. Sisko says that took two weeks; O'Brien replies that they have four days. If Sisko doesn't get the ship ready in time, he and Jake will die with the rebels, or become slaves. O'Brien promises that if he helps them, they'll get the two of them out of here before the battle.

Sisko says he wants to see Jake first. As he and O'Brien are leaving the room, the mirror Bashir is at the door, demanding to know if Sisko is with them. Getting an affirmative answer, he slugs Sisko. "I owed you that. I let you hit me once because I thought you were our Captain Sisko. Now, I know better." "We're even now," Sisko says calmly. After he exits, O'Brien suggests to Bashir that he keep out of Sisko's way.

Jake is at the bar, which is now owned by the mirror-universe Nog (Quark and Rom both having been killed). This Nog is distinctly cold toward Jake. Sisko arrives, and Jake tells him, "Dad, I'm sorry. But I had to come." Jennifer is so much like his own mother that he didn't want to be parted from her. Sisko says he wants to speak to her alone. "She likes you," Jake says, and Sisko tells him, "Jake, whatever you're thinking, whatever plans you're making, forget about them."

Sisko confronts Jennifer, and asks whose idea this was. She admits that it was hers, because they needed him to help with the ship. "Ben, you're the one that convinced me to join the rebels, to fight the good fight for my people." "It's not your cause that I have a problem with, it's your methods," counters Sisko. She tells him, "I'm sorry if Jake's feelings get hurt, but that's a small price to pay if it means success against the Alliance." Sisko has to concede that, but tells her to leave his son alone; she says she can't. At that moment, Jake calls to her. "Because he won't leave me alone," Jennifer finishes to Sisko.

The mirror-universe Garak is a prisoner on the flagship of the Regent of the Alliance, who happens to be the mirror-universe Worf, and who has Garak on a collar and chain like a dog. Worf blames Garak for losing Terok Nor, but Garak of course does his best to pin it on the Intendant, who surrendered while he fled. He hopefully suggests that the collar be removed; Worf says it stays until every rebel on Terok Nor is dead.

Sisko is working on the Defiant when the mirror Dax comes up to him. "I heard you were back." She slaps him. "That's for making love to me under false pretenses. I was suspicious of you from the start." "You hid it well," Sisko says drily. They hear sounds of a phaser blast in the docking ring corridor, and go out to see what's going on.

Bashir is there with a phaser and an agonizer which he has been using on a prisoner: Intendant Kira. He was taking her to an interrogation session when she tried to escape. The Intendant hasn't lost her spirit, and Bashir gives her another shot of pain until Sisko tells him, "That's enough", and takes the device. As she's about to be taken back towards her cell, the Intendant steps toward Sisko. "Well done. I have to admit the last time you were here, you had me completely fooled. I really thought you were my Benjamin Sisko." She whispers that if he helps her escape, she'll be very grateful, but Sisko tells her not to count on it. The Intendant is hauled off.

An officer tells the Regent of the reports they've been receiving on the Defiant. Garak, still chained, suggests that they increase speed to warp 9. Worf makes it clear he still blames Garak for what happened. "Then why don't you kill me?" asks Garak. "The Intendant was bad enough. She was irrational, accusatory, unappreciative. But at least -- " "At least what?" Worf demands. "At least I was able to please her now and then," Garak finishes. Worf pulls him close. "You are not my type." He orders speed increased to warp 9.

Jake has cooked a meal for Jennifer; they are just finishing when Sisko comes in to get Jake, who wants to clean up. Sisko is exhausted, and Jennifer starts massaging his shoulders. He's not sure what she expects to gain. "I don't expect to gain anything," she says. "I just want to remind you that I am not your enemy. I don't know why you're being so hard on me. After all, you pretended to be my husband, and I've forgiven you." She tells him he's done a good job with Jake; Sisko tells her she's not making it easy. "He'll get over me," Jennifer says sadly. "I wish I could say the same. Is it really a surprise? Think about it. My Ben Sisko is dead. I look at Jake, and all I see is the son that I'll never have. Maybe bringing him here wasn't such a good idea after all." "For any of us," Sisko agrees. O'Brien comes in then with word that the Alliance fleet is less than eight hours away. They're running out of time.

As the rebels and Sisko frantically work on the Defiant, they discuss ways to buy themselves more time. There is only one raider left; Bashir has an idea to use it to slow the Alliance down. Dax volunteers to go with him.

Sisko has a novel notion -- to ask the Intendant for ideas. He reminds her that she'll be in trouble with the Regent in any event, because she lost Terok Nor. "I didn't lose anything," the Intendant flares. "It was Garak and the rest of those Alliance fools, with their excessive brutality. I could never make them understand, violence is a precision instrument. It's a scalpel, not a club." But Sisko reminds her that Garak escaped, and no doubt went straight to the Regent and laid the blame squarely on her. "You have a point," she concedes. She flirts a bit with him, and guesses that his refusal is due to Jennifer; she doesn't believe his denial. Finally, the Intendant gives Sisko what he wants: information about Alliance ships. Their targeting systems can be fooled into chasing warp shadows.

The key to Garak's collar is missing; Garak is accused by an officer of having stolen it. Worf stabs him, in case he swallowed it. Just then, the officer finds the key, which had fallen into his boot. Worf orders Garak tended to. As he's dragged off, six rebel raiders are detected, fleeing. It's Dax and Bashir in their single ship. The Alliance fleet breaks formation to chase them, shooting at the false signals.

Jennifer helps Sisko as he's working on the Defiant. "For what it's worth, you should know that I've told Jake the truth. About my visit to you, why I brought him here, everything." "And?" Sisko asks. "And he said that it doesn't matter," she says, surprised about it herself. "That he's still glad to have met me. Funny thing is, I know he means it." "He has a forgiving nature," acknowledges Sisko. "It's more than that," Jennifer says thoughtfully. "I don't think he could be angry with me even if he wanted to. I remind him too much of his mother." She's very moved by Jake's feelings for her. "No one has ever cared about me like that before." Jennifer tells Sisko she'll see to it Jake is sent back to DS9; she and O'Brien trust Sisko to finish his job here. Sisko decides to keep working and have her tell Jake he'll see him when he gets back.

She stays a moment more. "Ben, when we first met, there was a connection between us. And now, because of what I've done, it's gone, isn't it?" "I'm not sure it was real to begin with," Sisko tells her. Jennifer is hurt, but recognizes the truth of his words, and leaves.

Jake is standing in the spot corresponding to the one where he and his Nog used to hang out when the mirror Nog comes out of Quark's to get him to leave. "You're a long way from home, hew-mon." "I guess I am," says Jake. Jennifer comes up to him then and says she needs to speak to him in private.

The Intendant, bored, flirts with her guard. "You sentenced my wife to death," he says. She smiles. "Isn't that a coincidence? I was hoping you weren't married." At that moment, Nog comes in with a dinner tray for the Intendant. As the guard is inspecting it, Nog slams it into his face, knocking him out and grabbing his disruptor. Nog then fires it at the forcefield controls, freeing the Intendant and telling her he has a ship waiting for her. The Intendant takes the disruptor. "I wasn't aware we were on the same side." "You killed my father and my uncle," he says. "Thanks to you, I own the bar."

As Sisko is working on the Defiant, the ship is rocked by a photon torpedo. The Alliance has arrived. He goes to the bridge, where O'Brien tells him it's time for him to go; Sisko says he's on his way, and wanted to wish him luck. "You've given us a fine ship," O'Brien remarks. "I only wish I could have gotten to know her better before taking her into battle. Still, there's nothing like a little on-the-job training to get the adrenaline pumping." Sisko turns around and tells him to get out of the command chair. He takes it himself. "Captain, you never cease to amaze me," says O'Brien. "Sometimes I even surprise myself," Sisko replies. They take the Defiant out of dock.

Nog and the Intendant are heading down a docking ring corridor. She plans to go to Bajor, where she has friends who will hide her. "Well, don't worry about me," says Nog. "I won't tell anyone where you are." He walks away; the Intendant calls to him, and then shoots him dead. "You're right. You won't tell anyone."

Not far off, Jake and Jennifer are also walking down a corridor; Jake is saying he doesn't see why she can't come to DS9. "Believe me, Jake, it's better in the long run if I don't, for all of us," she tells him. Suddenly they run into the Intendant, who aims her disruptor at them. "Jennifer. You look as beautiful as ever."

Under Sisko's command, the Defiant destroys one bird-of-prey, but another fires on it. Meanwhile, the Intendant is marching Jake and Jennifer through a corridor, her idea being to use Jennifer as a hostage and then present her to the Regent. "You want me to go with you, fine," says Jennifer. "But leave the boy here." The Intendant wonders why he's so important to her. "I've never seen you so passionate. It gives you a lovely glow. All right, he doesn't have to come." She aims at Jake, and fires; Jennifer jumps between them, and takes the hit.

Jake rushes to her side. The Intendant is about to shoot him, but curiosity gets the better of her. She asks why Jennifer was protecting him. "She's my mother," Jake says. The Intendant realizes that he must be Sisko's son from the other side. "In that case, give your father a message for me. Tell him I spared your life. That's a debt I intend to collect."

The Defiant is taking a pounding. Sisko has O'Brien take the ship straight toward the flagship Alliance cruiser. They're hit again; one more will destroy them. Sisko takes the helm and attacks the cruiser, which can't lock on because the Defiant is so close. The Defiant gets off several close-range shots, but another bird-of-prey locks onto them. Sisko refuses to break and run, since that will give the cruiser a clear shot. "I was just starting to like this ship," says O'Brien. Then the bird-of-prey is destroyed by Bashir and Dax, who have returned in their raider.

Now it's the cruiser who's in trouble. Garak suggests that they retreat, and they go to warp. "We've won!" O'Brien reports. "You sound surprised," Sisko comments. "Surprised? I'm astonished," replies O'Brien. "Not that I'm complaining."

On the cruiser, Worf broods that he's been betrayed. "The traitor must be found and punished." "She will," says Garak. "It is the Intendant we're talking about, isn't it?" Worf agrees to this reasoning, and Garak presses his advantage. All he wants is the chance to punish her himself. "And while you dispose of the Intendant, I will dispose of the rebels," Worf decides. "Make it so."

The battle over, Sisko goes to the infirmary, where Jake is standing vigil over Jennifer. She's still alive, but hanging by a thread. Sisko takes her hand. "I knew we were still connected," she whispers. "Always," Sisko replies, and watches as she dies. He then turns to Jake, and they embrace, sharing the grief of losing her a second time.