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The Dogs of War

Production no.: 574
Teleplay by: René Echevarria & Ronald D. Moore
Story by: Peter Allan Fields
Directed by: Avery Brooks
Stardate: 52861.3 
First satellite airdate: May 22, 1999
Penny Johnson .............
Andrew J. Robinson .....
Jeffrey Combs .............
Max Grodénchik ...........
Casey Biggs .................
Barry Jenner ................
Cecily Adams ...............
J.G. Hertzler ................
Chase Masterson ..........
Aron Eisenberg ............
Julianna McCarthy ........
Tiny Ron ......................
Salome Jens .................
Mel Johnson Jr. ............
Wallace Shawn ............
Vaughn Armstrong .......
Steven Yoakam ............
Paul S. Eckstein ...........
David B. Levinson ........
Cathy DeBuono ............
Leroy D. Brazile ...........
Majel Barrett ................
Admiral Ross
Female Changeling
Federation Computer Voice

In Ops, everyone is waiting for something to arrive. Ezri and Bashir make awkward conversation about Odo's recovery, while O'Brien wonders what's the problem. "He is an overgrown child, and she is very confused," is Worf's take on it. Finally the something is here: it's a new Defiant-class ship. "Looks just like her," comments O'Brien; Sisko says, "Let's hope she fights like her."

The ship is the USS Sao Paulo. On the bridge, Admiral Ross conducts the traditional ceremony of handing over command to Sisko, who says she has some big shoes to fill. "I hate the carpet," Bashir tells O'Brien. Ross also points out something that might interest Sisko, on the PADD he's given him: special dispensation to rename the ship the Defiant. Best of all, the shield generators have been reconfigured to combat the Breen's energy-dissipating weapon. After everyone else has gone to check it out, Ezri looks at Sisko. "Well, I'll let you two get acquainted." She leaves Sisko alone to sit in the captain's chair for the first time. "Hello, ship," he says.

Kira and the Cardassian resistance cell arrive at Cardassia Prime, in their stolen Jem'Hadar ship. They know they're taking a big risk, but Damar says Gul Revok and Legate Goris are ready to bring their troops to join the cause. However, when Kira, Damar, and Garak beam down for the meeting in a cavern, they discover it overrun by Jem'Hadar who have gotten there first and killed everyone -- except for Gul Revok, who Damar realizes betrayed them.

Kira calls Seskal for a beamout, but the ship is under attack. It is destroyed, trapping Kira and the others on Cardassia. They have to get out of the cavern. Damar says everyone he knows on the planet has been arrested or killed. But Garak knows someone who might take them in, if they can get to the capital.

The person he has in mind is Mila, Enabran Tain's old housekeeper and confidante, who now lives in Tain's former house, where Garak grew up. She grumbles, but shows them down into the cellar. Kira asks if she can get a com-unit so they can contact the other cells to warn them about Revok. Mila reproaches Garak for getting involved in this, and Damar asks if she wants to live under the Dominion for the rest of her life. "I'm an old woman," declares Mila. "I'm long past caring about such things. But I'll get you your com-unit." She departs after telling them to make themselves useful by cleaning up the cellar. "The glamour of being a revolutionary," Garak says ironically.

Odo is certified fit for duty by Bashir. The constable is raring to get back to Kira, but first, Bashir feels obligated to tell him the truth about how he contracted the virus in the first place. Odo is stunned and disturbed to learn that not only did he give the virus to the Founders rather than vice versa, but he was deliberately infected by Section 31. Bashir explains that Odo wasn't supposed to develop symptoms himself. "I don't care whether they meant to kill me or not," Odo says angrily. "The reality is, the Federation set out to destroy my people." Bashir protests that Section 31 is a rogue agency, but Odo isn't interested in splitting hairs. He wants to know what Starfleet is going to do about this.

When Odo speaks to Sisko, the captain tells him that the Federation Council decided against giving the cure to the Founders. "Then they're abetting genocide," Odo states. Sisko says, "I don't condone what Section 31 did, but the Founders started this war, not us. Giving them the cure would strengthen their hand. And we can't do that, not when there are still millions of men and women out there putting their lives on the line every day." He asks for Odo's word that he won't take matters into his own hands, and Odo unhappily gives it. "Interesting, isn't it?" he comments ironically. "The Federation claims to abhor Section 31's tactics, but when they need the dirty work done, they look the other way. Tidy little arrangement, wouldn't you say?"

In Quark's, Leeta and another Dabo girl, M'Pella, team up to ask Quark for a bigger share of their tips. As they're talking to him, Broik says there's a call from the Grand Nagus. Quark goes to take it, telling the girls he'll think about their demand. "Is that you, (static)?" Zek asks; his transmission is garbled, due to an accident at the power plant on Ferenginar. He says he's retiring; he and Ishka are moving to Risa to enjoy their old age. First, though, he is coming to DS9 to name his successor. "I've chosen you to succeed me. You're going to be the new Grand Nagus! Congra- (static) -lations, (static)!"

Ezri and Bashir run into each other at the replimat, and find themselves tongue-tied again. Finally, he says, "This is ridiculous"; she agrees, and in fits and starts they make an attempt to talk things out. Bashir says he values their friendship, but has been wondering lately if maybe they could be... "Something more?" "Yes, exactly." Ezri admits that she was wondering the same thing. They discuss how awkward they've been feeling around each other lately, and mutually decide that they don't want to jeopardize their friendship by turning it into something else. The two of them end up congratulating themselves and each other on their maturity in not getting swept up in romantic fantasy. "Friends?" "Friends." They shake hands.

Quark, his eyes alight at the prospect of becoming Grand Nagus, holds Rom, Leeta, Nog, and his employees spellbound with his plans for the Nagal residence. At that moment, Brunt arrives. "Ferenginar is rife with rumors. They say the Grand Nagus is coming to DS9 to name his successor." "For once, the rumors are right," Quark says. Brunt's usual sneer changes to a smile as he falls to his knees, kissing Quark's hand. After all, "it's never too early to suck up to the boss." Quark loves it.

On Cardassia, Weyoun broadcasts an announcement about the disastrous would-be rebel meeting, and claims that Damar was killed when the stolen Jem'Hadar ship was destroyed. "At least they're not looking for us anymore," notes Kira as she, Damar, and Garak watch. Weyoun goes on to say that Damar's 18 rebel bases have been destroyed. Damar is stunned: how could they have compromised the entire organization? Kira says it doesn't matter now. They have to get off Cardassia. However, they can't use the com-unit to contact the Federation, as the signal would be monitored. "Well, we've got to do something!" exclaims Kira. "We're not spending the rest of the war in this cellar, are we? Are we?"

Brunt fawningly gives Quark a pedicure, angling to be named financial advisor. Once they've struck a deal, Brunt brings out a PADD to be imprinted: it's the receipt. Quark is astonished to learn that there is a new regulation making bribes tax deductible. And the fact that there are now taxes at all on Ferenginar is an outrage to him. Brunt tells him Zek instituted a progressive income tax three months ago. After all, the government needed to fund its new social programs. "I had no idea things had gotten so bad," Quark says, incredulous. "This is all Moogie's fault. She's been polluting Zek's mind with notions of equality and compassion. Whatever happened to survival of the fittest? Whatever happened to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Whatever happened to pure, unadulterated -- " "Greed," Brunt choruses with him, and adds, "Things change." Quark declares that they're going to change back. He will eliminate these "reforms" once he's Nagus. But now, Brunt informs him, the Nagus has to answer to a Congress of Economic Advisors. Quark is floored. "You'll still be a powerful man," Brunt assures him. "I wouldn't be sucking up to you otherwise." Quark starts praying to the Blessed Exchequer.

Mila finds her houseguests sitting around depressed in the cellar. "If only they could see you now...The people in the streets. Everyone's talking about Damar and his rebels." Kira, Damar and Garak guess that they're probably saying how stupid and arrogant the rebels were, and how glad they are that Damar is dead. "Actually, they don't really believe you are dead," says Mila. People have begun to tell stories about Damar, that he's really alive and plotting a new offensive. "They've been lied to so often, they don't trust anything the Dominion says," Damar observes wryly. But Kira is getting an idea. "What if it's more than that? What if we had more of an impact than we realize? What if we turned you into a legend?...Don't you see? The people want to believe in you. We can use that. Yes, the organized resistance is gone, but there's an entire civilian population out there that is fed up with living under the occupation. And if Damar, the man they couldn't kill, tells the people of Cardassia to rise up against the Dominion -- " "Then we might have a revolution on our hands," Garak finishes. Kira thinks of a way to capitalize on the "legend". She asks where the nearest Jem'Hadar barracks are.

Weyoun introduces the new head of the Cardassian Union, Legate Broca, to the Founder and Thot Pran. The Founder says the enemy has devised a countermeasure to the energy-dampening weapon. "We are falling back," she announces. It's not a surrender, but a strategic retreat to Cardassian space. With less territory to defend, they can concentrate their forces. Both she and Weyoun doubt that the enemy will attack; knowing the "timid" Federation, their impulse will be to leave them alone. As for the Klingons and Romulans, they will be no threat. The Founder declares that behind the new perimeter, they will redouble shipbuilding and Jem'Hadar production. "Retreat may prolong the war, but in the end, we will emerge stronger, and in a far better position to take the Alpha Quadrant once and for all."

After hours at the bar, Quark fumes to Rom about the changes on their homeworld: monopolies are now illegal, the environment is protected from industrial waste, and laborers now have rights in the workplace. To Quark, it's a nightmare. He doesn't even hear Rom agreeing with the reforms. Rom asks what Quark will do with the bar, and Quark says he'll sell it. Rom offers 5000 bars, and instead of negotiating as Rom expected, Quark says that's reasonable, then resumes his rant. "I just happen to have a contract right here," Rom says. But Quark pays no attention; he's too deeply troubled by the fact that 40 percent of Ferengi no longer believe in buying their way into the Divine Treasury when they die. As he speaks, he distractedly imprints Rom's PADDs. Happily, Rom tells him the 5000 has been transferred to his account.

Quark is shocked to realize he didn't even haggle with his brother. "What's wrong with me?" Rom points out that he will be so rich that a few thousand bars won't matter. "I've been infected, too," Quark says, stricken. "I haven't raised prices in months. I've even been considering letting the Dabo girls keep most of their tips. I've gone soft!" "I kind of like you better this way," Rom offers; but Quark says he doesn't. "And I'm going to do something about it. This disease has got to be stopped before it destroys everything Ferenginar stands for. If Zek wants me to be Nagus, he's going to have to let me do things my way. Or else I'll turn down the job." The fact that he'll be rich doesn't matter. "I won't preside over the demise of Ferengi civilization. Not me. The line has to be drawn here -- this far and no further."

Damar and a cloaked and hooded Kira watch the entrance of a Jem'Hadar barracks at night, waiting for Garak, who finally emerges. A Jem'Hadar demands to see his work order, though Garak says he showed it to him on the way in. But it hasn't been approved by the First. As Garak tries to smooth-talk his way out of the situation, Kira notes worriedly that the detonator to the bomb he just planted only had a three-minute delay. They have to do something.

The Jem'Hadar orders Garak to wait for the First. Then Damar calls out boldly, "You! Jem'Hadar! Who are you to treat a Cardassian citizen like that?" Recognizing him, the Jem'Hadar points a weapon. "Surrender yourself or die." "I choose neither," says Damar. The Jem'Hadar is shot by Kira; Garak stabs the other guard, and Damar calls to passers-by to get back just before the barracks explodes. Then a teenager named Lonar recognizes Damar; the word spreads quickly through the crowd. Damar rises to the occasion, giving them a stirring speech. "Our fight for freedom continues, but it will take place here, in the streets. I call on Cardassians everywhere to rise up, rise up and join me. I need you to be my army. If we stand together, nothing can oppose us. Freedom is ours for the taking!" Garak encourages the crowd, who start chanting, "Freedom!"

Bashir and Ezri both arrive at a turbolift, and greet each other warmly. As they wait for the lift, they chat pleasantly about how awkward this would have been yesterday, and how glad they are that they've put all that behind them. The lift arrives; they enter. But when it arrives at Ops, the two of them are kissing passionately. "I guess they worked it out," O'Brien observes. Worf presses a button that sends the lift back down.

Rom, Nog, and a still-obsequious Brunt are present at the bar when Zek, Ishka, and Maihar'du finally make their entrance. "There you are, my boy! I have something for you!" Quark marches up to them, a grim look on his face. Zek tells him his mind's made up, and Quark's whining about it won't change anything. But Quark is determined to say his piece. "I won't have anything to do with what you're doing to our once proud civilization. A man can only be pushed so far. If you want me to be Nagus, you're going to have to let me do things my way." "Who wants you to be Nagus?" asks Ishka, puzzled. Zek tells Quark to get out of the way, and steps up to an astonished Rom, proffering his staff. "Congratulations, Rom. You're going to make a fine Nagus."

Rom is confused, which confuses Zek because Rom sounded so happy when he talked to him. "That was me," says Quark. Zek replies that he thought he was talking to Rom. "Must've been all the static. Glad we cleared that up." It turns out that it was Ishka's idea to make Rom the new Nagus. "A new Ferenginar needs a new kind of Nagus," Zek tells Rom. "A kinder, gentler Nagus. And that's you, my boy. It's a great responsibility to stand at the bow of the Ferengi ship of state. A Nagus has to navigate the waters of the Great Material Continuum, avoid the shoals of bankruptcy and seek the strong winds of prosperity." "I'll do the best I can," says Rom humbly, accepting the staff. Nog and Leeta are ecstatic; Brunt immediately transfers his sucking-up efforts.

"All right," snaps Quark. "You want Rom? You can have him. In fact, you deserve him. He's perfect for this new worker's paradise of yours. He can save the environment and levy all the taxes he wants...In fact, as far as I'm concerned, the Ferenginar that I knew doesn't exist anymore. No, I take that back. It will exist. Right here in this bar. This establishment will be the last outpost of what made Ferenginar great, the unrelenting lust for profit. Broik, water the drinks! M'Pella, rig the Dabo table!" He tells Rom he wants to buy the bar back; Rom says he'll give it to him. And he'll let him keep the 5000 bars, too. "You're my brother." "And you're an idiot," replies Quark. "But I love you. Congratulations. You're the perfect Nagus for this new Ferenginar." "Are you sure we picked the right brother?" Zek asks Ishka, who leads him off to their new life on Risa.

Rom says he could use a financial advisor; Quark replies that it's not going to be him. "I know someone who's available," volunteers Brunt. Rom balks, but Quark tells him, "Not so hasty. Let him give you a pedicure first." Everybody walks off, leaving Rom to bask in the wonder of his new status. His comment: "Wow."

Sisko, Admiral Ross, Chancellor Martok, and the Romulan commander Velal meet in the wardroom to discuss the withdrawal of the Dominion into Cardassian territory. They know why the enemy is doing this, to shorten their supply lines and lessen their vulnerability to hit-and-run attacks. Velal advises that the wisest course is to contain them, but Sisko says that's what the Dominion is hoping for. Martok advocates attacking with everything they've got, though Ross is dubious. "If we do nothing, the Dominion could sit behind that perimeter for the next five years rearming themselves," Sisko points out. "And when they're ready to come out, God help us all." The others, even Ross and Velal, agree. They will attack.

Sisko goes to his quarters to find his wife Kasidy in her bathrobe, looking subdued. "I'm pregnant," she tells him. Sisko is astonished; he doesn't know what to say. To become a father again is the last thing he was expecting. But he's thrilled. Kasidy, though, can't help being scared. "I just keep thinking about the Prophets. They warned you that marrying me would bring you sorrow." She knows they've already been through this, and decided they wouldn't let the Prophets run their lives. "But that was before this. What if -- what if they were trying to tell you that something's going to happen to our baby?"

Sisko holds her close, comforting her and reassuring her that nothing's going to happen to it. Kasidy asks how he can be so sure. "I am the Emissary of the Prophets," he proclaims. "And I know that nothing is going to happen. Everything's going to be all right." Kasidy snuggles against him, finally allowing herself to trust in the future. They sit there together, marveling at the thought of a baby.

  • The new Defiant had been going to be introduced in "Tacking Into the Wind", but this was postponed for time. Its original name, the Sao Paulo, was the name of a ship in the movie The Sand Pebbles; Sisko's line, "Hello, ship", was based on a similar line spoken by Steve McQueen in that movie.
  • Rom's last line, "Wow", was an ad-lib by Max Grodénchik, who hadn't thought it would make it into the finished episode.
  • Cathy DeBuono (who was also a stand-in for Terry Farrell) and David B. Levinson (a stand-in for Armin Shimerman) had played M'Pella and Broik respectively, without lines, throughout the series.
  • This episode received an Emmy nomination for makeup.