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DS9 Episode Guide

For a full synopsis of an episode, including the writer(s), director, stardate, and trivia, click on the episode's title.

1st Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
1.-2. Emissary (2 hours) A stable wormhole and its inhabitants are discovered in the Bajoran system by Benjamin Sisko, new commander of Deep Space Nine.
3. Past Prologue A Bajoran terrorist tries to involve Kira in his destructive plans.
4. A Man Alone Odo is accused of murder; Keiko wants to start a school on the station.
5. Babel DS9's inhabitants are stricken by a virus that renders its victims unable to communicate.
6. Captive Pursuit O'Brien befriends a Gamma Quadrant native who is on the run.
7. Q-Less The omnipotent Q follows his former partner Vash to DS9.
8. Dax Dax is accused of having betrayed a martyred general while in her last host.
9. The Passenger An apparently dead criminal may have found a way to live on in someone's brain.
10. Move Along Home Aliens force Quark to play a game with Sisko and three officers as pieces.
11. The Nagus Grand Nagus Zek names Quark his successor; Sisko disapproves of Jake's friendship with Nog.
12. Vortex A prisoner claims to hold the key to Odo's unknown origins.
13. Battle Lines Sisko, Bashir, Kira, and Kai Opaka are stranded on a moon where an eternal war is raging.
14. The Storyteller O'Brien finds himself expected to save a village; a young Bajoran leader comes to DS9 to negotiate.
15. Progress An old farmer resists Kira's efforts to evacuate him; Jake and Nog go into business.
16. If Wishes Were Horses Secretly visiting aliens cause imagined thoughts to become uncomfortably real.
17. The Forsaken A computer-entity craves O'Brien's attention; Lwaxana Troi sets her sights on Odo.
18. Dramatis Personae After a Klingon ship explodes, DS9's officers, except Odo, begin plotting against each other.
19. Duet A Cardassian prisoner is suspected of having ordered atrocities against Bajorans during the Occupation.
20. In the Hands of the Prophets A religious controversy threatens to create a rift between Starfleet and Bajoran residents on DS9.
2nd Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
21. The Homecoming (1st of 3) As unrest grows on Bajor, Kira mounts a mission to rescue a war hero.
22. The Circle (2nd of 3) The Circle prepares for a coup; Kira, recalled to Bajor, encounters an Orb.
23. The Siege (3rd of 3) Kira and Dax must take evidence of a Cardassian plot to Bajor while the others turn guerrilla in defense of DS9 against the Circle.
24. Invasive Procedures A Trill renegade and his gang take over DS9, and demand Dax's symbiont.
25. Cardassians Controversy stirs over the treatment of a Cardassian orphan being raised by Bajorans.
26. Melora Bashir becomes involved with an ensign from a low-gravity world; Quark is threatened by an ex-partner.
27. Rules of Acquisition Quark doesn't know that the Ferengi assisting him in trade negotiations for the Grand Nagus is actually a female in disguise.
28. Necessary Evil An attack on Quark causes Odo to recall his first murder investigation, in which Kira was his prime suspect.
29. Second Sight Sisko finds himself attracted to a mysterious woman who keeps vanishing.
30. Sanctuary The leader of a race of refugees from the Gamma Quadrant believes Bajor may be their promised land.
31. Rivals Laws of probability run riot as a con man opens a new club on the Promenade.
32. The Alternate A possible lead on Odo's origins may be the cause of mysterious attacks within the station.
33. Armageddon Game After helping destroy a biological weapon, Bashir and O'Brien are stranded and on the run while their fellow officers believe them to be dead.
34. Whispers O'Brien flees the station, believing the other officers to be involved in a conspiracy.
35. Paradise Sisko and O'Brien are stranded in a lost colony of Federation dropouts who reject technology.
36. Shadowplay Odo and Dax investigate disappearances in a village; Bareil visits the station; Jake wonders how to tell his dad he doesn't want to join Starfleet.
37. Playing God As Dax shepherds a young Trill candidate, the station is threatened by a new universe growing in the lab.
38. Profit and Loss Quark is reunited with an old flame, a Cardassian who is now on the run from the military.
39. Blood Oath Dax wants to join Curzon's three old Klingon friends on a last mission of vengeance.
40. The Maquis, Part I Sisko learns of growing fear and discontent among Federation colonists whose homes were given to the Cardassians by a treaty.
41. The Maquis, Part II As he tries to convince the Maquis not to go to war, Sisko is dismayed to learn that an old friend has joined the renegades.
42. The Wire When Garak begins suffering severe headaches, Bashir finds an implant in his brain that may end up killing him.
43. Crossover Kira and Bashir are trapped in a treacherous parallel universe.
44. The Collaborator Kira learns that Bareil may be responsible for a massacre during the Occupation.
45. Tribunal Accused of running weapons to the Maquis, O'Brien faces the Cardassians' nightmarish version of justice.
46. The Jem'Hadar During a camping trip in the Gamma Quadrant with the boys, Sisko and Quark are captured by soldiers of the Dominion.
3rd Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
47. The Search, Part I Sisko and crew are sent into the Gamma Quadrant to contact the Founders of the Dominion.
48. The Search, Part II As Odo bonds with his newly discovered people, Sisko is distrustful of events taking place back on the station.
49. The House of Quark After claiming to have killed a Klingon in single combat, Quark is forced to marry the widow; O'Brien tries to cheer his wife up.
50. Equilibrium Dax's life hangs in the balance when she begins having disturbing hallucinations.
51. Second Skin Kira is kidnapped by an Obsidian Order agent who tries to convince her she is actually a deep-cover Cardassian spy.
52. The Abandoned Odo tries to teach peaceful ways to a young Jem'Hadar; Sisko sizes up the Dabo girl that Jake is dating.
53. Civil Defense DS9's computer traps its officers and residents in various areas, believing that Bajoran workers are rioting.
54. Meridian Dax has a romantic interlude on a planet that shifts between dimensions; a wealthy alien wants a holoprogram with Kira's image.
55. Defiant A duplicate of the Enterprise's Cmdr. Riker hijacks the Defiant with Kira aboard.
56. Fascination Unconscious romantic attractions go haywire when Lwaxana visits for the Gratitude Festival.
57. Past Tense, Part I Sisko, Dax, and Bashir are trapped in 21st-century Earth just before a famous riot.
58. Past Tense, Part II As the riot begins, Sisko poses as a martyred historical figure in order to repair the timeline.
59. Life Support Bareil is mortally injured during negotiations of a Bajor/Cardassia treaty; Jake and Nog have a falling-out.
60. Heart of Stone Odo's efforts to free Kira from a crystal force him to face his feelings; Nog asks Sisko to recommend him for Starfleet Academy.
61. Destiny A joint project with the Cardassians to open communications through the wormhole seems to herald the fulfillment of a prophecy of doom.
62. Prophet Motive Quark is concerned for Zek's sanity when the Nagus becomes a philanthropist; Bashir tries to downplay his nomination for an award.
63. Visionary After suffering radiation poisoning, O'Brien begins shifting back and forth in time.
64. Distant Voices Bashir awakes to find the station damaged and under siege, the other officers behaving strangely, and himself aging rapidly.
65. Through the Looking Glass Sisko is kidnapped to the mirror universe and forced to impersonate his late alter ego.
66. Improbable Cause (1st of 2) Odo's investigation of the destruction of Garak's shop leads him to a conspiracy that could have galactic consequences.
67. The Die is Cast (2nd of 2) With Odo a prisoner, and Garak once more in league with his mentor Tain, a Romulan/Cardassian fleet heads for the Founders' homeworld.
68. Explorers Sisko and Jake go sailing in a replica of a Bajoran lightship; Bashir prepares for the coming of an academic rival.
69. Family Business Quark must force his mother to confess to the crime of earning profit; at Jake's instigation, Sisko makes the acquaintance of Kasidy Yates.
70. Shakaar Kira goes on the run with her old resistance cell in defiance of Kai Winn; O'Brien enjoys a winning streak at darts.
71. Facets The DS9 officers plus Quark and Leeta help Dax undergo her zhian'tara; Nog takes a pre-Academy test.
72. The Adversary A Changeling traps the DS9 officers on the Defiant, and sets the ship on a course to start a war with an enemy race.
4th Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
73-74. The Way of the Warrior (2 hours) Newly assigned to DS9, Lt. Cmdr. Worf uncovers a Klingon plan to invade Cardassia.
75. The Visitor Jake lives a lifetime shadowed by the disappearance of his father in an accident.
76. Hippocratic Oath Bashir wants to find a cure for the Jem'Hadar's dependence on white; Worf interferes with Odo's smuggling investigation.
77. Indiscretion Kira is joined by Dukat in a mission to learn the fate of a missing Cardassian ship; Kasidy moves onto DS9.
78. Rejoined Old feelings resurface when Dax encounters the current host of a symbiont who shares a history with her own.
79. Little Green Men Quark, Rom, and Nog find themselves in 1947 America, where Quark dreams of selling advanced technology to Earthlings.
80. Starship Down The Defiant is disabled in the atmosphere of a gas giant while trying to rescue a ship from the Jem'Hadar.
81. The Sword of Kahless Dax, Worf, and Kor seek a legendary bat'leth.
82. Our Man Bashir Five officers become characters in Bashir's 1960's spy holoprogram.
83. Homefront (1st of 2) Fear sweeps Earth after a bombing apparently committed by a Changeling.
84. Paradise Lost (2nd of 2) Sisko realizes that his old commander may be behind the outbreak of anti-Dominion paranoia.
85. Crossfire Odo undergoes private turmoil when he sees Kira growing close to Shakaar.
86. Return to Grace Kira and a disgraced Dukat seek a Klingon ship that destroyed a Bajoran/Cardassian conference.
87. Sons of Mogh Worf's brother Kurn arrives, demanding that Worf restore his honor by killing him.
88. Bar Association Rom, who's mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, organizes Quark's workers for a strike; Worf can't adjust to station life.
89. Accession A Bajoran poet, lost for 200 years, returns from the wormhole believing that he is the Emissary; O'Brien learns that Keiko is pregnant again.
90. Rules of Engagement Worf is accused of destroying a civilian Klingon ship while in command of the Defiant.
91. Hard Time O'Brien goes through emotional hell after memories of 20 years in prison are implanted in his brain.
92. Shattered Mirror Sisko follows Jake, who has been lured to the mirror universe by the counterpart of his mother.
93. The Muse Jake meets a mysterious woman who promises to draw out his talents; a pregnant Lwaxana seeks shelter with Odo.
94. For the Cause Sisko faces a difficult choice when Kasidy is suspected of smuggling to the Maquis; Garak and Ziyal forge a friendship.
95. To the Death The Defiant crew and a Jem'Hadar troop go on a joint mission to prevent renegade Jem'Hadar from restoring an Iconian gateway.
96. The Quickening Bashir battles a deadly disease, in a society that has given up hope.
97. Body Parts Believing himself about to die, Quark sells pieces of his body on the futures market; an accident forces Kira to carry the O'Briens' unborn baby.
98. Broken Link When Odo becomes deathly ill, the Defiant takes him to Dominion space to seek the Founders' aid.
5th Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
99. Apocalypse Rising Sisko, O'Brien, Worf, and the now-human Odo undertake a mission to uncover Gowron as a Changeling.
100. The Ship An away team from DS9 is besieged in a crashed Jem'Hadar ship.
101. Looking for Par'mach in All the Wrong Places Despite being smitten by Quark's Klingon ex-wife, Worf counsels him on how to win her.
102. Nor the Battle to the Strong Jake is confronted by the horrors of war during a medical relief mission to a colony under fire.
103. The Assignment When Keiko is possessed by an evil entity, O'Brien must obey its instructions or risk losing his wife.
104. Trials and Tribble-ations A renegade ex-Klingon agent hijacks the Defiant through time in order to assassinate Captain James T. Kirk.
105. Let He Who is Without Sin... Vacationing on Risa with Dax, Worf is drawn to a movement that disapproves of the planet's lifestyle.
106. Things Past Odo, Sisko, Garak, and Dax mysteriously find themselves cast as Bajorans on Terok Nor during the Occupation.
107. The Ascent A stranded Odo and Quark must climb a mountain together in order to send a distress call; Jake and Nog become roomies.
108. Rapture After an accident, Sisko experiences visions that may reveal Bajor's fate.
109. The Darkness and the Light Kira's old resistance comrades are being murdered, and she may be next.
110. The Begotten Odo tries to teach a baby Changeling to shapeshift, with unwanted help from Dr. Mora; Kira finally prepares to give birth.
111. For the Uniform Sisko obsessively seeks Eddington, as the Starfleet officer turned Maquis terrorist attacks Cardassian colonies.
112. In Purgatory's Shadow (1st of 2) On a mission to learn what became of Enabran Tain, Garak and Worf are captured by the Jem'Hadar.
113. By Inferno's Light (2nd of 2) As the prisoners plot to escape, Sisko learns that Cardassia has joined the Dominion.
114. Doctor Bashir, I Presume A visit by his parents threatens to bring a dark secret of Bashir's to light; Rom has a rival for Leeta's affections.
115. A Simple Investigation Odo is attracted to a woman on the run from the Orion Syndicate.
116. Business As Usual Quark is saved from debt, only to face a moral dilemma after he joins his cousin in a weapons-dealing partnership.
117. Ties of Blood and Water A Cardassian whom Kira thinks of as a second father comes to the station to tell her he's dying.
118. Ferengi Love Songs Learning that his mother and the Grand Nagus are lovers, Quark hopes to use this fact to regain his status in Ferengi society.
119. Soldiers of the Empire A rescue mission finds Worf and Dax among a sullen Klingon crew that has lost the will to fight.
120. Children of Time The Defiant crew meet their own descendants, and must decide whether to wipe out their existence or let Kira die.
121. Blaze of Glory Sisko frees Eddington to force him to help stop a cloaked missile attack on Cardassia; Nog seeks respect from Klingons.
122. Empok Nor O'Brien leads an engineering crew trapped on an abandoned Cardassian station and being stalked by drugged soldiers.
123. In the Cards Jake's quest to get a baseball card for his father leads him and Nog on a wild path.
124. Call to Arms With war imminent, Sisko and crew prepare to mine the mouth of the wormhole.
6th Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
125. A Time to Stand (begins a 6-episode arc) Sisko and crew man a Jem'Hadar ship; Kira and Odo cope with life on the station under Dominion rule.
126. Rocks and Shoals Sisko and crew are stranded with a troop of Jem'Hadar and their wounded Vorta; Kira finds it impossible to remain neutral.
127. Sons and Daughters Worf is reunited with his estranged son, now a member of Martok's crew; Ziyal returns to the station.
128. Behind the Lines Odo is tempted by the Female Changeling's offer to link; Sisko is made chief aide to Admiral Ross.
129. Favor the Bold (1st of 2) The minefield is in danger of coming down; Sisko prepares to retake DS9.
130. Sacrifice of Angels (2nd of 2; end of arc) Kira and her friends are arrested; the battle for DS9 begins.
131. You Are Cordially Invited Worf and Dax must both undergo trials before their wedding.
132. Resurrection The counterpart of the late Bareil escapes from the mirror universe.
133. Statistical Probabilities A group of genetically-enhanced misfits predicts doom for the Federation.
134. The Magnificent Ferengi Quark leads a band of Ferengis on a mission to rescue his mother from the Dominion.
135. Waltz Sisko is injured and stranded with an increasingly unstable Dukat.
136. Who Mourns for Morn? When Morn is reported dead, Quark inherits his fortune, but must contend with other claimants.
137. Far Beyond the Stars Sisko experiences visions of being a 1950's science fiction writer struggling against prejudice.
138. One Little Ship When the Defiant is boarded by Jem'Hadar, it's up to a shrunken runabout and its crew to save the day.
139. Honor Among Thieves On an intelligence mission, O'Brien befriends a member of the Orion Syndicate.
140. Change of Heart Worf and Dax go on a dangerous mission to rescue a Cardassian informant; O'Brien decides to beat Quark at Tongo.
141. Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night A call from Dukat leads Kira on a trip through time to learn what really became of her mother.
142. Inquisition A Starfleet Intelligence officer accuses Bashir of spying for the Dominion.
143. In the Pale Moonlight Sisko gets his hands dirty when he allies with Garak to trick the Romulans into entering the war.
144. His Way Odo consults Vic Fontaine for advice on how to win Kira's heart.
145. The Reckoning The discovery of an ancient tablet heralds an apocalyptic battle between the Prophets and their enemies, the pah-wraiths.
146. Valiant Jake and Nog are found by a ship full of gung-ho cadets lost behind enemy lines.
147. Profit and Lace Quark is forced to pose as a female to help Zek regain his position.
148. Time's Orphan Molly falls through a time portal and returns as a savage 18-year-old.
149. The Sound of Her Voice The Defiant crew talks to a stranded Starfleet captain as they race to her rescue; Quark schemes to distract Odo from a smuggling deal.
150. Tears of the Prophets As Starfleet goes on the offensive, Dukat unleashes a power which may defeat the Alpha Quadrant.
7th Season
No. Episode title Brief summary
151. Image in the Sand (1st of 2) On Earth, Sisko has visions of a woman's face; the Romulans take over a Bajoran moon; Worf broods over Jadzia's death.
152. Shadows and Symbols (2nd of 2) With a new Dax, the Sisko men head for Tyree to fulfill the vision; Kira leads a blockade; Worf undertakes a mission in Jadzia's name.
153. Afterimage Unsure of whether to stay, Ezri is asked by Sisko to counsel Garak.
154. Take Me Out to the Holosuite Sisko is determined to lead a team of his officers to victory over the Vulcans in a baseball game.
155. Chrysalis Bashir brings genetically-enhanced Sarina out of her cataleptic state, and falls in love with her.
156. Treachery, Faith and the Great River Odo must bring a defecting Weyoun clone safely to the station; Nog teaches O'Brien the art of scrounging, Ferengi-style.
157. Once More Unto the Breach Worf gets Kor a spot in Martok's crew for one last mission.
158. The Siege of AR-558 Sisko and company aid a beleaguered Starfleet troop in holding onto a captured communications array.
159. Covenant Kira is kidnapped to Empok Nor, where Dukat wants her to join his community of pah-wraith cultists.
160. It's Only a Paper Moon Nog, scarred by the loss of his leg, retreats into the holographic world of Vic Fontaine.
161. Prodigal Daughter Ezri asks her mother's help in locating O'Brien, who has disappeared while looking for Bilby's widow.
162. The Emperor's New Cloak Quark and Rom follow Ezri's counterpart to the mirror universe to rescue Zek.
163. Field of Fire Ezri calls on the aid of Dax's murderous host Joran, to help her understand and catch a killer.
164. Chimera After encountering another lost Changeling, Odo faces a choice between staying with Kira or exploring his true nature.
165. Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang When Vic's lounge is taken over by the mob, the DS9 officers decide to help him by robbing the casino.
166. Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges Sloan enlists Bashir's aid in "evaluating" the Romulan leadership during a conference.
167. Penumbra (begins a 9-episode final arc) Ezri steals a runabout to hunt for the missing Worf; Sisko proposes to Kasidy; Dukat prepares an elaborate deception.
168. 'Til Death Do Us Part Sisko must choose whether to heed the Prophets' warning against marrying Kasidy; Ezri and Worf are captured by Breen; Kai Winn thinks she sees the Prophets; Dukat arrives in disguise.
169. Strange Bedfellows The Dominion has a new ally; Ezri and Worf wind up prisoners on Cardassia; Damar grows restless under the Dominion's thumb; Dukat manipulates Winn, who learns the truth about her visions.
170. The Changing Face of Evil Damar secretly organizes a rebellion; Winn consults an ancient tome of evil to find out how to free the pah-wraiths, and learns Dukat's true identity; Starfleet fights to hold onto Chin'toka.
171. When It Rains... Kira, Garak, and an ill Odo go to Damar's aid; Gowron takes over the Klingon war effort; Bashir suspects Section 31 of creating the Founders' disease; Dukat is blinded.
172. Tacking Into the Wind Worf urges Martok to challenge Gowron; Kira plans to steal a Breen weapon; Bashir and O'Brien decide to lure a Section 31 agent to DS9; Odo's condition deteriorates.
173. Extreme Measures O'Brien and Bashir go into Sloan's mind to find the cure for Odo's disease.
174. The Dogs of War DS9 gets a new Defiant; Damar's movement is betrayed; Quark thinks he is to become the next Grand Nagus; the Dominion decides to fall back; Ezri and Bashir's relationship blossoms.
175-76. What You Leave Behind (2 hours) Kira, Garak, and Damar storm Dominion headquarters; Dukat and Winn begin the ritual; Cardassia turns against the Dominion during the final assault; the war ends.

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